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[Tantra Psychology] 10 Worst Toxins Hidden In Vitamins, Supplements And Health Foods

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    I m always prepared to facilitate your wellbeing, when I received this message I was astonished as to the extent of the toxicity incumbent in many health
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      I'm always prepared to facilitate your wellbeing, when I received this
      message I was astonished as to the extent of the toxicity incumbent in many
      "health foods" that should never even come close to such enterprises and
      products. Working together for a more ethical society, we can rectify such
      practices as we care for each others wellbeing, as I do for you.


      *Tantra Psychology <http://tantrapsychology.org/>*
      / <http://TantraPsychology.org/>



      They are "educated" who have learned much, remembered much,
      and make use of their knowledge in everyday life.
      And of these lessons integrated into their life,
      moral conscience is the most imperative to learn
      and convey to others.
      Their virtues give true meaning to education.

      *by Mike Adams<https://plus.google.com/u/0/108002809946749848449?rel=author>,
      the Health Ranger
      Editor of NaturalNews.com<http://www.naturalnews.com/039638_toxins_ingredients_nutritional_supplements.html>

      (NaturalNews) I'm absolutely shocked at how many people don't investigate
      what's really in the products they swallow. When something is sold as an
      herb, vitamin, superfood or supplement, they think it's automatically safe.
      And while the natural products industry has a truly remarkable safety
      record -- especially in contrast to the massive number of deaths caused by
      it still suffers from a lot of *hidden toxins* that are routinely used
      throughout the industry.

      I know this because I've been an investigative journalist and activist in
      the natural health industry for over a decade. Natural News is arguably
      the most-read natural health news website in the world, reaching millions
      of readers a month. I've walked the floors of countless trade shows,
      conducted hundreds of interviews and spent tens of thousands of dollars on
      laboratory tests to determine what's in these products. On top of that,
      I'm deep into organic product formulations and certified organic food
      production, serving as the supervisor of a USDA-certified organic food
      production and packing facility.

      When I look around the natural products industry, I see examples of super
      honest, high-integrity companies like Nature's Path and Dr. Bronner's. I
      also see an alarming number of cheats, crooks and charlatans who are only
      involved in the industry to profit from the explosion of interest in health
      supplements. In truth, some nutritional products are downright dangerous
      to your health. My role as a journalist and activist is to *help you tell
      the difference* between products that are GOOD for you vs. products that
      might actually be toxic. Because ultimately, *I want you to be healthy*,
      vibrant, intelligent and active. I want you to enjoy life and improve the
      quality of your life.

      Be prepared to be shocked in reading what follows. After reviewing this
      list, you will probably throw out quite a few products in your refrigerator
      and pantry. Very few people are willing to tell you the truth revealed
      here, so some of this may come as a complete shock (see #1 and #2, below).

      #1) Maltodextrin (from GM corn) Let's start out with the big one first: If
      you pick up a natural product and the ingredients list says "maltodextrin,"
      chances are very high that the maltodextrin in the product is derived from
      Monsanto's GM corn.

      Virtually all the maltodextrin used throughout the natural products
      industry is genetically modified. Products that are certified USDA
      organic, however, are not using GMO maltodextrin.

      The non-GMO, non-corn replacement for maltodextrin derived from GM
      corn is *tapioca
      maltodextrin*, and you'll find tapioca starch / maltodextrin in many
      certified organic, non-GMO products. Corn maltodextrin should be avoided
      unless it's certified USDA organic. Look for tapioca maltodextrin instead
      (or no maltodextrin at all).

      #2) Vitamin C / acorbic acid (from GM corn) Here's another whopper that's
      sure to open some eyes: *Nearly all the "vitamin C" sold in vitamins across
      America right now is derived from GMO corn*.

      This means that many of the supplements sold at Whole Foods, the vitamins
      sold on Amazon.com, the pills at your local pharmacy, and especially the
      products at the grocery store are (nearly) all routinely made with
      genetically modified vitamin C. It's typically called "ascorbic acid," and
      nearly 100% of the ascorbic acid used in the natural products industry is
      derived from GMOs.

      Sourcing non-GMO vitamin C requires you to go outside the United States.
      There is no existing supply chain of certified organic, non-GMO ascorbic
      acid available anywhere in America (at least not to my knowledge). You
      can't even run batches of non-GMO ascorbic acid production in the USA
      because all the facilities are contaminated with residues of GM corn.

      Rest assured that all those cheap "vitamin C" pills sold at retail are
      derived from genetically modified corn.

      #3) Hexane-extracted soy and rice proteins Nearly 100% of the "natural"
      soy proteins sold in the USA are extracted in China using a hexane
      extraction method.

      CLARIFICATION (updated): The primary manufacturer and distributor of brown
      rice protein in the USA, which imports brown rice protein processed in
      China, insists that hexane has never been used in the extraction of their
      product, not in the conventional brown rice protein nor their organic brown
      rice protein.

      Their brown rice protein is a "hexane-free, non-GMO, Prop 65 compliant,
      Gamma Oryzanol-rich whole grain Oryzatein powder" and the manufacturer is
      Axiom. They supply a lot of the brown rice protein to numerous sources in
      the USA, and this is the best brown rice protein product available today,
      partially because it is NOT hexane extracted.

      There is brown rice protein that's hexane extracted in China, however, but
      that's not carried by Axiom. So if you're buying anything with brown rice
      protein, make sure it's sourced from Axiom and not from another source that
      uses hexane. I also encourage you to eat only *certified organic* brown
      rice protein, not conventional brown rice protein.

      Anything from China, by the way, should be double checked for metals
      content just to make sure it's all clean. This is true across the board
      for all food products from China, not just brown rice protein. We have
      consistently found nutritional products from China to be contaminated with
      worrisome levels of metals, which is why I personally won't put my brand
      name on anything from China other than a few exceptions that are
      well-tested such as goji berries (grown in the Himalayas). The Axiom
      company says their brown rice protein tests completely clean, but until I
      run those tests myself, I can't say for sure whether I concur with the

      What the industry really needs right now is a *U.S. manufacturer of brown
      rice protein*, for which a multi-million dollar market already exists. If
      Axiom would find a certified organic U.S. grower for its brown rice
      protein, the company would receive a huge endorsement from Natural News and
      probably find a whole new wave of demand from consumers who want U.S. grown
      products. Texas, by the way, produces a lot of organic brown rice. Surely
      there must be a way to extract the protein in America and not have to go
      all the way to China to find this.

      On the issue of soy protein, no one disputes the fact that it's routinely
      extracted with hexane. Here's a list of many of the protein bar brands
      currently using soy protein:

      Hexane is a highly explosive chemical. It is not only extremely hazardous
      to the environment, there may also be trace amounts of hexane left
      remaining in the resulting protein products. My understanding is that
      hexane extraction is not allowed in certified organic proteins, so if you
      have a choice, go for certified organic instead of just "natural" (which
      means nothing anyway).

      Hexane extraction, by the way, is also used in the manufacture of *textured
      vegetable protein* (TVP). Read more about TVP here:

      #4) High levels of Aluminum in detox products Natural News helped expose high
      aluminum levels (over 1200ppm) in a popular detox
      causing the main U.S. distributor to issue a "recall" notice and provide
      over $1 million in refunds to customers.

      The manufacturer of this product, Adya Clarity, *intentionally and
      knowingly deceived consumers* by mislabeling the product and not mentioning
      the 1200ppm of aluminum it contained. The FDA seized some of the products
      and ran its own lab tests, confirming the high aluminum
      well as identifying multiple labeling violations.

      Adya Clarity is just one of many so-called "detox" products containing
      alarming levels of aluminum and other metals. Ingesting these in order to
      "detox" your body may be harmful to your health. This experience also
      proves *you can't always trust health products sold through online webinars*,
      where manufacturers can ignore labeling laws and fabricate false
      claims. *Buyer
      beware* when it comes to metals in detox products that claim seemingly
      magical results.

      #5) Lead and arsenic in herbs from China China is the most polluted nation
      on the planet<http://www.naturalnews.com/035202_lead_pollution_China_children.html>
      far), yet many fruits, vegetables and herbs are grown in China and exported
      to North America for use in natural products.

      High levels of lead and arsenic are routinely found in various food,
      supplement and herbal products from China. I'm not concerned about 1ppm or
      lower, by the way, of heavy metals like lead and mercury. Even aluminum
      isn't necessarily a problem when found organically grown inside foods that
      test at higher levels such as 150ppm. But when lead, arsenic, mercury and
      cadmium get to high saturation levels (or are present in inorganic forms),
      it makes the products potentially a source of *heavy metals poisoning* for

      Astonishingly, many of the small and medium-sized companies that import and
      retail products from China *conduct no metals testing whatsoever*. I know
      this as a fact because I've talked to people doing this.

      For the record, everything packed under my own brand name (Health Ranger
      Select <http://store.naturalnews.com/Health-Ranger-Select_c_27.html>) and
      sold at the Natural News Store is independently tested by us to ensure full
      product safety and regulatory compliance.

      #6) Inorganic minerals in cheap vitamins Would you eat iron filings and
      call it nutrition? The majority of people don't know that most of the
      cheap vitamins sold today are made with iron filings. "Scrap metal,"

      The calcium found in cheap vitamins is often just ground-up seashells, and
      magnesium is often sold as cheap magnesium oxide which may be completely
      useless to your body's cells. If you're buying mineral supplements, you
      may be wasting your money unless the minerals are in the right form:
      Magnesium orotate or malate, for example.

      When it comes to mineral supplements, you'll often find trace levels of
      scary things like barium and lead in liquid supplements, but these are
      typically at such low levels (ppb) that they are no real concern. But the
      No. 1 best source for all minerals is, not surprisingly, fresh plants. If
      you really want to boost your minerals, feed 'em to sprouts or garden
      plants, then *eat or juice those plants*. Your body wants "organic"
      minerals from plants, not inorganic minerals from rocks.

      #7) Carrageenan? The Cornucopia Institute, a highly-effective food
      activism group that we've long supported, recently published a warning
      about carrageenan <http://www.cornucopia.org/carrageenan-2013/> in foods.
      Cornucopia says carrageenan is linked to "gastrointestinal inflammation,
      including higher rates of colon cancer, in laboratory animals."

      It goes on to report:

      *Given its effect on gastrointestinal inflammation, Cornucopia urges anyone
      suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms (irritable bowel syndrome/IBS,
      spastic colon, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic diarrhea, etc.) to
      consider completely eliminating carrageenan from the diet to determine if
      carrageenan was a factor in causing the symptoms. *

      Personally, I have never had any problem with carrageenan, and given that
      it's derived from seaweed, I also didn't mind the source. I actually
      consume quite a lot of carrageenan in Blue Diamond almond milk, which I
      drink when I'm too busy to make my own raw almond milk. And I've never had
      a problem with it whatsoever. So from my personal experience, I don't see
      carrageenan as a worrisome ingredient, but I do understand that some people
      experience it differently, and it may be troublesome for people whose
      digestive systems are more sensitive than my own.

      For the record, I definitely don't consider carrageenan to be anywhere near
      as worrisome as, say, aspartame, GMOs or MSG.

      #8) Acrylamides Acrylamides are cancer-causing chemicals produced during
      the cooking of carbohydrates. Fried snack chips, for example, contain
      acrylamides. They don't have to be listed on labels because they are
      technically not "ingredients." They are chemicals produced during cooking
      or frying. Consuming acrylamides increases kidney cancer risk by 59

      The FDA has published an extensive reference guide on acrylamide levels in
      revealing that *french fries* have the highest levels of all. But they are
      also present in prune juice and even breakfast cereals.

      A bag of organic snack chips can have just as many acrylamides as a bag of
      conventional snack chips. This is why fried snack chips should be eaten
      only sparingly, or never at all. I'm guilty of eating some of these chips
      myself from time to time, but I limit the quantity and make sure I'm taking
      chlorella or other superfoods at the same time to counteract the

      Interestingly, it turns out that *vitamin C blocks acrylamides* from
      causing damage to your body. But if your vitamin C is from a GMO source
      (see above), you may want to rethink that strategy. Natural citrus juice,
      rose hips or even camu camu berry powder is a much better choice of
      natural, full-spectrum vitamin C.

      If you eat fried foods of any kind, make sure you ingest a lot of vitamin
      C, astaxanthin and chlorella before and after your meal or snack.

      #9) Hidden MSG / yeast extract Hidden MSG is a huge issue across the
      natural products industry. Pick up almost any veggie burger, and you'll
      find it's made with *yeast extract*, a hidden form of MSG (monosodium

      Yeast extract is unbelievably prevalent in the food industry because it
      looks nicer on the label than "MSG." Most people are trained to avoid MSG,
      but yeast extract slips by, so food manufacturers put it into canned soups,
      dip mixes, snack chips, microwave dinners and especially in *vegetarian
      products*, many of which are so loaded with chemicals and additives that I
      won't dare touch them. Just because a food says "vegetarian" doesn't mean
      it's healthy.

      Hidden MSG is also labeled as "autolyzed yeast extract" or "torula yeast"
      or even "hydrolyzed vegetable protein."

      #10) Fluoride in green tea Green tea is famous for being contaminated with
      high levels of fluoride. This is frustrating, because green tea is
      phenomenally good for your health. It has been proven to lower "bad"
      cholesterol levels<http://www.naturalnews.com/036422_green_tea_cholesterol_reduction.html>,
      and it may even help prevent cancer and neurological disorders. It's
      probably one of the healthiest beverages you can ever drink.

      The tea plant that produces green tea just happens to uptake a huge amount
      of fluoride from the soils. So when there's fluoride present in those
      soils, the green tea will have a surprisingly high concentration, sometimes
      as much as 25ppm.

      An interesting article on this issue is found at Toxipedia.org:

      While this fluoride in green tea might not be a health hazard all by
      itself, the governments of the world seem insistent on pumping even
      more *synthetic,
      chemical fluoride* into the water supplies, thereby creating a high risk
      for *fluorosis*. Adding green tea to the fluoride consumption you might
      experience from tap water is a recipe for disaster: brittle bones,
      discoloration of teeth and even cancer.

      The final "dirty little secret" of the natural products industry Finally,
      there's one more secret you need to know about. Most importers, packers,
      vendors and retailers of natural products foolishly trust the lab
      results *provided
      by the manufacturers and exporters! *

      So a typical U.S. company that sells, for example, pomegranate powder on
      the internet may never conduct their own tests for lead, mercury, cadmium,
      arsenic and aluminum. They will simply take the lab tests provided by the
      manufacturer and consider those to be absolute fact!

      This is extraordinarily foolish. *Growers and exporters routinely lie
      about their lab tests* in order to pull the wool over the eyes of
      importers, formulators and retailers. The lab tests are easily faked or
      simply bought off in their home country. Contaminated products can be
      easily sold and exported because the FDA doesn't routinely check imported
      raw materials for heavy metals contamination.

      On the good news side, I do know for a fact that all the higher-end
      retailers such as Natural News, Mercola, Gary Null, etc., all *routinely
      test their raw materials* for contaminants. I'm pretty sure Gaia herbs (
      www.GaiaHerbs.com <http://www.gaiaherbs.com/>) routinely tests all their
      batches, and I know that VitaCost, before it changed hands a few years ago,
      was running their own lab to test raw materials on-site (for their in-house
      formulations). But I also know of smaller retailers who absolutely *do not
      test anything* and are far more interested in moving boxes than knowing
      what's really in them. I also know that some operations are claiming to
      sell "organic" products even though they do not have any kind of organic
      certification, and that's an irresponsible practice that should be
      rectified. (Look for the USDA organic logo when you buy "organic"
      products. If they don't have the logo, they aren't really organic.)

      So once again, *buyer beware*. You need to be asking for lab test results
      on anything from China, and it's good to ask for them on just about
      everything else as well. For our part, Natural News Store is already in
      the process of building a mechanism where we can post lab results for all
      the batches we import, pack and retail. We reject anything with high
      levels of metals, which is why it took us so many months to secure a really
      clean source of chlorella <http://www.chlorellafactor.com/>.

      This article originally appeared

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