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To writers, literary agents, editors--Like to be Interviewed?

Hi writers, literary agents, editors, publishers, Interested in getting the info out about your book, your agency, your publishing house? Well, right now I'm
Feb 10, 2010

FREE PODCAST What Literary Agents and Publisher are looking for now

Hi writers, This is Shalla DeGuzman, you can now listen to my interviews with literary agents and a publisher! And they're all looking for clients like you...
Feb 7, 2010

CALLING-4-SUBMISSIONS... poetry, short stories, haiku...

SHALLA Magazine features high quality fiction (experimental, literary, genre, multicultural, etc), poetry, essays, excerpts from screenplays, one act-plays,
Jan 10, 2010

Re: Mortimer Literary Agency on our SHALLA list

Thank you so much Kelly for joining us here. We'd love to feature you here at A ShallaDeGuzman Writers Group. With your expertise in the field of agenting,
Oct 30, 2009

A Thank You to All Writers Here--from Author John Gorman

Thanks so much for having me aboard. I really enjoyed the time. I'm terribly sorry about the lag at first. I had some technical difficulty posting, but we
john gorman
Oct 30, 2009

Elitz-May-2009/ e-book

                   STORIES & POEMS           N^o C^o^s^t-e-Mail Magazine
Oct 29, 2009

Mortimer Literary Agency on our SHALLA list

Hi Shalla, If you ever need an agent to answer questions, I'm here. Warmest regards, Kelly L. Mortimer ... the Extreme Agent Mortimer Literary Agency -
Mortimer Literary Agency
Oct 29, 2009

Join Us for Our Next Q&A!

Join Us for Our Next Q&A! Who are we having a Q&A with next? Who'll be our next featured guest? You can check here for our latest news:
Oct 29, 2009

Thanks so much John! We really enjoyed having you here!

Thanks so much John! Wonderful answers, very helpful, insightful and wow, even at times moving. You really took time with your answers and we really appreciate
Oct 29, 2009

Re: question editor

... Hi Sam, Thanks for the kind words about "Shades of Luz". Let me see if I understand fully. You'd like me to put you in contact with the editor from my
Oct 29, 2009

Re: Question: editors

... You need to keep it professional, but it does help to be friendly. Many of the editors I've met, who I stay in touch with are through conferences, writing
Oct 29, 2009

Re: Question: Editors Editing

... Mike, That's a great question. The re-writing process is the writing process. Before I even got to ATTMP I'd been through something like 2 and years of
Oct 29, 2009

Re: question lit agent

... Here's what I think. Lit agents are great. I had one many years ago, back in 2002. We sent my first book (nothing in connection to "Shades of Luz, but a
Oct 29, 2009

Re: Question: Book Contract

... Hi Shalla, Thanks for inviting me to the group today. You have an amazing magazine, a fantastic website and blog and you are full of pep which is a trea.
Oct 29, 2009

Re: Question: Effects of Self Publishing for New Authors

... I think most of controversy surrounding self-publishing is this mistaken belief that if you cannot get a traditional publisher to accept your work then
Oct 29, 2009
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