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  • Kalen vuysher
    With regard to school reading, i remember we had to read To kill a mocking bird and others of that ilk in school also, some of them i liked others i tolerated
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2003
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      With regard to school reading, i remember we had to
      read To kill a mocking bird and others of that ilk in
      school also, some of them i liked others i tolerated
      others i REALLY didnt like. but i survived, I didnt go
      to university straight after school but worked for as
      while and travelled [got to go live in the US for a yr
      and a half which i never would have if i had gone str8
      to uni] so when i decided i was ready to go to uni i
      did a refresher course to ppl who wanted to return to
      education but had been out of it for a while. on the
      literature section of that course 1 of the required
      books was Color Purple, now that is a book i would
      NEVER have picked up of my own free will but i luved
      it and that surprised me more that most things have in
      my life. and it is why i borrowed a house mates copy
      of Wild Swans while i was at uni. While i was at uni i
      took a degree that allowed me to write most of my own
      program of study, in the 1st yr i had to take all
      formal classes but in the following yrs i got to write
      units that were of interest to me, but i still took a
      couple of formal units also to balance out what i was
      doing. I was originally going to be a teacher [early
      yrs:3-7yrolds but b/c of the way the education system
      in the uk has gone for that age group i quit my
      teaching certificate], so my 1st degree had to be in 1
      of the core subjects, i knew i would do literature
      bases but really didnt want to do a standart English
      degree b/c i dont agree with the premis that the
      "Canon" is all there is to literature. Granted most
      universities now offer a wider choice of courses with
      regard to the types of books that are read, but the
      Canon is still considered by a lot of tutors as the be
      all and end all of what is considered as Literature
      and the rest is pop culture! which is why i kind of
      got into trouble with the head of the aesthetics dept
      by telling him that "just b/c it was old didnt mean it
      was gud and all there was to literature" lets just say
      that statement was not received well! i was lucky in
      that my university ran an "Independent Study" degree
      which as i stated allowed me to create my own program
      of study, I got to read books that i liked and used
      the knowledge i aquired from such courses as Modern
      Critisism, and Aesthetics Period and Style to bring
      books into the university that would never have been
      there otherwise. I was one of the lucky ones, course
      like that only run at 4 universities in the uk so i
      got to combine some formal classes with other things
      that i luved. I had a point somewhere at the start of
      this 'essay', i think it was something like yes
      teachers make u read certain books while u r at
      school, and from the time i spent in teacher training
      college i can tell u that a lot of it is constrained
      by what the curriculum states the teacher has to
      teach, understand that, read wot they give u sometimes
      u might be surprised and find a book u wud never pick
      up on ur own that u really luv.

      Thus endesth the sermon


      Life may not be the party we imagined, but while we are here we might as well dance


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