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e-book v print comments re misconceptions

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  • Kerry Orchard
    Hi, I thought after lurking around the group lists lately and being emailed with questions about e-books, I would like to comment on what I m hearing about
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2001
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      I thought after lurking around the group lists lately and being emailed with questions about e-books, I would like to comment on what I'm hearing about e-format versus print etc. The point of view of a writer and reader and someone published in one and coming out in the other.

      I hear a lot of people say they don't like e-book because they think they have to buy a reader or own a reader, which is not true. Most publishers online offer books in various formats. Mine has disc, rtf (any word processor can read it), adobe, palm and print. yOu can have download or have it mailed to you. The BEST thing about e-format is that it is CHEAP. If you don't like to read off the computer or don't own a reader or a palm pilot or something like that, you can print the novel on your own printer - the books are usually compressed to use less pages and you can put them in a binder you re-use. Even with printing it is STILL cheaper than buying a paperback.

      I've heard comments that you can't curl up with an e-book and that may be true (Oprah does it!) in a sense but the actual readers which are coming down in price to about 70$ hold around 20 books at once and are about the size of a novel and I see no reason if you are careful you couldn't take one in the tub - just don't drop it! and if you have printed it up no problem. They are great if you travel a lot. LIghter and hold many more titles than you can cram in a suitcase.

      There are a lot of great writer's out there especially fantasy and sci fi who aren't getting read because they are online. a lot of people, myself included, complain there are not enough new authors in the genre but it is very, very difficult to get taken on with the big houses and most of us end up with small press or online whether we have been seriously considered by a large house or not. Just a note on publishers. A publisher like DAW receives about 1000 manuscripts annually and puts out about 50-80 titles a year, out of that 1 title may (may) be from a new unknown author, this is the same for any of the large print publishers. Small press may publish 10 titles. The online publishers make it just as hard but are more willing to consider the unpublished and take them on as it's cheaper to produce the books. Contrary to popular belief they do not publish everyone who sends in a manuscript, most are still rejected as it is a costly business. So if you buy an ebook chances are you will enjoy it! I hope you will if you haven't already.

      I'm very lucky as mybook will be coming out in mass market print next July. My publisher is moving into mass print market. New Concepts is an excellent publisher publishing multi genres and is loaded with award winning authors. OK OK it was a plug, sorry.

      I admit to being excited about coming out in print and nervous about the entire e-format thing but I hope it does take off. It's cheaper for both publisher and reader, saves trees, reachs a world wide market and allows more authors to be published.

      I hope I have answered some questions for people and maybe offered some alternatives to print books and you'll try it. Let me know what you think! I'd love to hear. I'd also love to hear what you think of my site and my book if you do me the honour of reading it.
      thanks so much for your time
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