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Re: Neil Gaiman

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  • Raonaid Siofra
    Oh good! After you read The Season of Mist which is the fourth in the trade series of Sandman, then you should check
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 3, 2007
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      <SNIPPED FROM "Ariel" ON JAN. 31, 2007> Oh good! After you read "The Season of Mist" which is the fourth in the trade series of Sandman, then you should check out "At Death's Door". It's a manga about events that happen during that story arc but are treated in a more humorous light and the art is done by Jill Thompson who is one of my favorite artists to draw Gaiman's Death...or Dream, for that matter. I think she's one of the very few that ever got his eyes just right. I might be wrong, but I think she also had her pencil in "The Little Endless Storybook" which was a cute little children's storybook type manga that shows how The Dreaming got populated. Not heavy reading by any means, and a pretty adorable supplement to a weighty
      series. And they were all approved by Neil, so there's no weird interpretations or annoying departures from canon.<END OF SNIP>

      -- Hrm, I'll have to write that down or place is inside my spreadsheet so I can remember it. I'm notorious for forgetting things like that. Unless I have it written down some place and on me, I'd forget.

      Thanks for the recommendation, though I doubt my husband would be so thankful. He'll be having to construct another book shelf for me. ::Grins::


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