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  • bj hunter
    Jul 1, 2003
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      I really dont like the dragon parts. I am just not into them. I can
      accept witches, vampires (luv those), shape shifters, fairies, etc,
      but not dragons. That is stretching it a bit for me, but my 5 year
      old son loves them! Oh those young imaginations! BJ

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      > I've recently read The Witches of Eileanan.... I wasn't very
      impressed. I
      > expected something similar to anne's books, just because its from
      the same
      > publishing company, but the writing wasn't nearly as well done. I
      got bored
      > about halfway through, there were too many story lines to keep
      track of in
      > my head.... and I hated one of the twins.
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      > Subject: [ShadowRealms] new books
      > Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 14:13:50 -0000
      > Hi everyone! I went to a used bookstore and bought 2 books and I
      > wondered if any of you have read them. They are by Kate
      Forsyth: "The
      > Witches of Eileanan" and "The Pool of Two Moons". They were each
      > only $1 so I thought I would try them until my copy of "The
      > Ring" comes in. Thanks! BJ
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