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8167Re: [ShadowRealms] there be dragons

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  • Kaeleer@aol.com
    Feb 3, 2003
      In a message dated 03-02-03 10:34:18 EST, Bernice wrote:

      << i saw it mentioned that you'll be
      doing a new introduction for it?>>

      Yes, my editor asked me to write an introduction to the trilogy. :)

      <<is the omnibus going to be mass market paperback size, or
      one of those larger paperbacks (trade paperback??), or *gasp* hardcover!>>

      The omnibus will be a trade paperback.

      << oh, has anyone else gotten a hold of Orbiter? I've ordered it but, i
      the warehouse is having trouble tracking it down... >>

      If the bookstore is having trouble, tell them the publisher is Fitzhenry &
      Whiteside. Trifolium is now an imprint of F&W, but if they're still in the
      bookstore's databanks as an independent publisher, that might be causing the

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