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1817Re: Digest Number 137

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  • Angela West
    Sep 1, 1999
      >From: Adenike Akitoye <akitoye@...>
      >THORSSON@... wrote:
      >> From: THORSSON@...
      >> I have this little corruption test, but I think sending things like that
      >>to the
      >> list are banned, so I wont bother, but out of 200, 200 going straight to
      >> and 0 being the saint of saints(the person who makes mother theresa look
      >> evil scum), I scored a 140 or so, I guess it means I am having a good
      >>time of
      >> it<g> and you know i bet I would score about average for some on this list!
      >> though I think a few would make me look like a regular andy griffith! hell I
      >> already look like barney fife!
      >Hey, could you send this test to me offlist. I want to take it and see.

      Me too!

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