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  • THORSSON@aol.com
    Sep 1, 1999
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      In a message dated 99-09-01 08:06:41 EDT, you write:

      << I pronounce it Jah-nell (soft J) >>

      ah Jaenelle, I once knew a girl named Ja(e)nelle. she lived on kay street. I
      drive by Kay street, when she is sleeping, I think the OoP is not valid when
      she is sleeping, well who is going to tell<g> um just kidding.

      <<How long did it take you to write all that Thor? I am 5'3" tall and I
      mention anything about men, since Kandra is liable to ban my raunchy behind
      because she wouldn't appreciate me corrupting the gang... (Hmm... As if
      anyone who plays with us is so bleeding pure!)


      sorry i realise it was a bit much, and probably read like the rambling of a
      man delving in or out of the twisted kingdom, well atleast thats the way i
      fealt about it. I was gone for a while and just needed to catch up, and when
      the urge to reply hits, I seem to just cut loose:) as for the purety level, I
      have this little corruption test, but I think sending things like that to the
      list are banned, so I wont bother, but out of 200, 200 going straight to hel,
      and 0 being the saint of saints(the person who makes mother theresa look like
      evil scum), I scored a 140 or so, I guess it means I am having a good time of
      it<g> and you know i bet I would score about average for some on this list!
      though I think a few would make me look like a regular andy griffith! hell I
      already look like barney fife!

      <<All right folks I got one for you. My keyboard is dying the slow death of
      the damned and I need to find a new screen name for the time being. (Nope, I
      am broke, don't have it to get a new keyboard just yet.) Help me come up
      with something and I just might use it. :) Tatianna666 will take, but all
      of my friends cringe whenever I remind them that my momma used to call me the
      daughter of the devil! (Gee I wonder why?) :P Anyway, what do you all
      think? Help me or just let me languish and suffer with my old name.


      I am not quite understanding, but then I am a mere man<g> I dont understand
      how the keyboard and new screen name fit. if there is anything I can do to
      help, up to sending a shiny nickel donation to save the Tatianna keyboard
      foundation, let me know<G> have you ever thought of a name to do with Khali?
      I mean sweet sadist, you seem to fit that title pretty well:)

      oh hey, now I know this book is not the most noteworthy to be placed on this
      list, but its something from a few years back, my childhood, hell probably 10
      or so which would have made me exactly 12 as today is my birthday(plug) but
      has anyone heard of robert asprins MYTH series?? I just picked up one the
      other day as I was flying out to S Cali for vacation. pretty fun book, I
      especially liked this one "MYTH inc in action" as it had a lot of military
      type things in it, sort of like a tale of basic training, either asprin is
      military, former military or did his research well in writing this, because
      it hit home. and the way the narrator analyzed thing made me think how
      mentally lazy I am<g> and I dont think anyone ever said anything about
      Katherine applegates(animorphs) Ever World. yes I know its like a "teeny" RL
      steine level book, but you know, I enjoyed the whole Pagan Gods parts of the
      books. does anyone know of any books with that sort of format? especially
      something to do with the Norse Gods? you know Odin, Thor, Balder, Frey,
      Freya, Frigga, Sif, Loki, Snottri, Modi, Magni or anyone? anyways if I keep
      writing such long e-mail I may get ignored and.... okay so you probably
      already ignore me<g>

      thor( www.goarmy.com)
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