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  • Elizabeth Schechter
    Jul 3, 2011
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      I love Jacqueline. ;-) She's truly a nice person on top of being a great

      And if you ever want to confuse yourself hopelessly, try reading the
      Black Jewels series while writing for a Night Court role-playing game.
      (I kept having creepage -- things that were stylistically appropriate
      for Black Jewels kept showing up in my Night Court posts...)

      On 7/3/2011 1:30 AM, Adrienne Roehrich wrote:
      > My other favorite author after Anne is Jacqueline Carey. She recently wrote
      > a piece on why we read fantasy as a rebuttal to some reviews that came out
      > pre-Game of Thrones HBO show: Before the Game of Thrones HBO series came
      > out, there were several bad reviews of it based pretty much on the fact that
      > it was fantasy. (A particularly nasty and dismissive one comes to mind.)
      > Jacqueline Carey wrote a lovely piece on her website for her July update
      > about why we read fantasy and who the fantasy lovers are. I thought it was
      > especially appropriate for the GeekGirls who read fantasy.
      > http://www.jacquelinecarey.com/
      > Anyway, I wanted to share it with this group because even if you aren't a
      > Jacqueline Carey fan, you are a fantasy fan.
      > Adrienne

      Elizabeth Schechter

      You are the people.
      You are this season's people -
      There are no other people this season.
      If you blow it, it's blown.
      ~ Stephen Gaskin
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