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  • Adrienne Roehrich
    Jul 2, 2011
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      My other favorite author after Anne is Jacqueline Carey. She recently wrote
      a piece on why we read fantasy as a rebuttal to some reviews that came out
      pre-Game of Thrones HBO show: Before the Game of Thrones HBO series came
      out, there were several bad reviews of it based pretty much on the fact that
      it was fantasy. (A particularly nasty and dismissive one comes to mind.)
      Jacqueline Carey wrote a lovely piece on her website for her July update
      about why we read fantasy and who the fantasy lovers are. I thought it was
      especially appropriate for the GeekGirls who read fantasy.


      Anyway, I wanted to share it with this group because even if you aren't a
      Jacqueline Carey fan, you are a fantasy fan.

      Adrienne M. Roehrich, Ph.D.
      Research Associate
      Drobny Lab
      Department of Chemistry
      University of Washington
      Seattle, WA


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