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17547Re: [ShadowRealms] bookplate offer

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  • Denese Peebles
    Feb 4, 2011
      Can I send one e-mail to request a book plate for two different people?

      Someone bought me Twilight's Dawn for a Christmas gift. I would like to
      request a bookplate for me and her. I thought it would be a good return

      My information is:
      Denese R. Peebles
      611 West 10th Street
      Metropolis, IL 62960

      Her information is:
      Morgan Carr
      1661 Dornbush
      Brookport, IL 62910

      If I need to send two different e-mails to request these, please let me
      know. Thanks.

      The best time to laugh in life
      is any time you can. -- Beulah Randles

      On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 9:38 AM, <Kaeleer@...> wrote:

      > It's time for the annual bookplate offer to celebrate the launch of books
      > in 2011, especially the launch of *Twilight's Dawn.*
      > Since I try to learn from past experience, there are a few rules this year:
      > 1. this offer runs from February 4 to February 12.
      > 2. quantities are limited, so only one bookplate per person.
      > 3. you MUST put "bookplate" in the subject line.
      > 4. if your name and/or address has any accent marks (especially if you use
      > a hotmail account), please please please send your mailing information with
      > the appropriate accents (on the odd chance that they come through correctly)
      > AND also put that information in the same email WITHOUT any accent marks.
      > example: An��e versus Anne
      > if I can't tell what your name is, you will not receive a bookplate.
      > 5. I need a full mailing address in this order:
      > firstname lastname
      > street address
      > street address (if second line is needed)
      > town state zip code (or the equivalent of those things)
      > country (if outside the U.S.)
      > the mailing labels are limited to five lines, so please make adjustments to
      > accommodate that limit. And please type carefully. What you send me is what
      > the post office gets.
      > Yes, I will send bookplates to fans outside the U.S.
      > Yes, you can request a bookplate for a book besides *Twilight's Dawn*.
      > 6. biggest rule of all! Requests must be sent to me at:
      > anne@... <anne%40annebishop.com>
      > Happy Reading!
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