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  • Brenda Bronson
    Feb 3, 2009
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      yet it might not have been as interesting if we saw her from her point of
      view. I think I'd only want to see something from Jaenelle's point of few in
      a later book such as a short story.

      I sometimes wonder what Jewel Tersa would have wore if she wasn't broken.
      Would she have been as strong as the black or ebon gray? I think she would
      be one or the other from Daemons strength. granted Daemon's strength could
      come from Saetons side alone but since his strength is deeper then saetons I
      think some of Daemons strength comes from Tersa. and then I think it was
      mentioned that if Tersa hadn't been broken that Dorothea wouldn't have the
      hold over Terrielle that she did, so that itself certainly implies some
      strength if not at the very least a gray jewel.

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      That was what was so great about Tangled Webs. You got to see them in more
      everyday situations. There was a great protagonist and all, but it seemed
      more basic and a daily hazard of being such high ranking blood.
      One thing I really liked about the whole Blood Saga is that you never get
      inside Jaenelle's head. It would be interesting to see the story from her
      eyes, but you are always looking at her from someone's perspective... them
      trying to figure out the ever mysterious woman. Leaves alot to imagine what
      really goes on in her head.

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      I did love the part where Daemon prevents Surreal from skipping ahead in the
      book and giving Rainier something to do with Surreal while it's her
      moontime. (a way for him to take care of surreal while it's that time of
      month.) I thought that was thoughtful of Daemon even though it annoyed
      Surreal at first :)

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