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14463Re: [ShadowRealms] Sebastian -from a newbie

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  • Kandra
    Aug 3, 2006
      Shar wrote:

      <<I just started reading SEBASTIAN today. I got
      introduced to Ann Bishop's books just this last month.
      The nice lady who moderates this list introduced me to
      her books while chatting on another mailing list so i
      owe her big.>>

      First, welcome to the list :) I'm really glad that you were
      introduced to Anne's books :) I'm assuming the "nice lady"
      must have been BJ.

      <<I now spend my time plotting and scheming on how to get
      the rest without breaking my bank account with school starting soon>>

      You might try half.com for Anne's other books...or of
      course the library. I just checked half.com and all of
      the Black Jewles Trilogy books are listed as is The
      Invisible Ring, Dreams Made Flesh, Pillars of the World
      and Shadows of Light etc. Of course, Amazon has a used store
      also. Naturally I have to mention Clarkesworld Books...I don't
      think he currently has any of Anne's books in his used section
      but he has an awesome store...and flat rate shipping no matter
      how many books you order. Also most of the new books are
      signed! :) (www.clarkesworldbooks.com) I buy almost all of
      my sf/sf fantasy books from Neil (Clarkesworld).

      <<but i will prevail! I just borrowed SEBASTIAN from the
      library (one of those 14 day books as it is in great
      demand) and was wondering if anyone else has read it
      and their thoughts?>>

      I'm sure you'll be hearing from others about their thoughts
      about Sebastion.

      <<I heard there was a sequel book coming out soon so I am very happy. :)>>

      Yep, it's called Belladonna and is scheduled to come out in March of 2007.

      Again, welcome to the list and look forward to hearing more from you!


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