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Dear Mr President, Are You Joking?

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  • tremeritus
    Dear Mr President, Are You Joking? September 6th, 2012 | Author:
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      Dear Mr President, Are You Joking?

      President Tony Tan

      “A busy and fulfilling first year as President”wrote Tessa Wong of Sunday Times of September 2, 2012. “Asked about the highlights of his year in office, Dr Tan named 2 in particular. The most exciting one was cheering the Singapore athletes at the London Olympic Games in London, he said. Another was when he was inducted into the Honourary Senate of the Foundation Lindau NobelPriceWinners Meetings in July”

      Bilmey, we pay him millions in salary and these are the highlights of his work for the past year?

      I guess he must be kiddin’ when ‘he said he will do his part in helping the government steer Singapore through these “volatile economic waters”, stressing that a strong economy was needed to make sure that the country had the means to help the less fortunate’.

      Dear Mr President, if you allowed the PAP government to throw $4billion at IMF without a whimper, I’m sure you can throw some crumbs to the less fortunate in Singapore. Like dude, what gives? Apart from the $4billion to IMF, I’m sure you are aware of the following:

      According to Kenneth Jeyaratnam, ‘On 04th January 2012 the Ministry of Finance issued a promissory note for US$16.34 million to the International Development Association. . . 

      “The Constitution of the Republic of Singapore (1999  revised edition) includes safeguards to protect past reserves of the Government.  One such safeguard, set out in Article 144, requires the President’s concurrence  for the granting of certain loans and guarantees.”

      Mr President, did you concur? I guess not.

      “AGO found that the Ministry of Finance did not comply with Article 144 of the Constitution when it issued a promissory note without obtaining the required President’s concurrence. (sic)”

      The Audit clearly pulls the MOF up for breaching the Constitution. It seems the MOF breached the Constitution and gave away our money, blatantly ignoring any requirement for a safeguard.” [Link]

      Some Singaporeans may be excited by your excitement in watching the Olympics and being inducted into the Honourary Senate of the Foundation Lindau NobelPriceWinners Meetings but most will be more interested in how you are guarding the sovereign wealth of Singapore.

      I guess your work is different from that of President Ong Teng Cheong when he was our President. Though he passed on relatively young, he’s left a legacy in letting us know that he did right doing what he had to do to protect the assets of Singapore!

      Mr President, you must be joking when you spoke to Tessa Wong. Singaporeans would think that the ‘highlight’ of a president’s job would be of ’sterner stuff’! They would be flabbergasted that the highlights of your presidential function seem so trivial.



      * FeedMeToTheFish is an online blogger since Sep 2007. On his profile, he said: “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. The double speak, the hubris that I get from the power that is especially the leeders irks me no end. The balls carrying sychophantic mainstream media suffocate me. I can hardly breathe. Some say I may get radicalised, but fortunately, the alternative news and views that I get from internet keeps me sane. The ability to write in this blog gets the elephant off my chest and helps me breathe easier. It lightens me up! When it’s all said and done, just feedmetothefish. With my crazy writing, my children and the greatgrandma of my granddaughter worry that the “legal/factual” big stick will come after me for being radicalised or for being ridiculous:) Hopefully, the fish will get me first:) He blogs at http://feedmetothefish.blogspot.com.



      61 Responses to “Dear Mr President, Are You Joking?”

      • flabbergasted:

        fuck him

      • Devil Woman:

        Just name or call him the “joking president”.
        He just loves to joke just about anything.

        Previous one goes about shaking hands, current one goes about with a smiling face.

        Next we will have a “clown” clowning around.

        Amazingly they are paid millions, yet sinkies slog to put them in office.

      • PressNoDent:

        What happen to the “steady hand” of his? Instead he has an empty barrel. What an easy job to be a President. I am sure Ah Meng also can be one.

      • Rotten PAPayas:

        Ong Teng Cheong was the people’s President while Tony Tan is the PAP’s President.

        One thing we cannot deny is that Tony Tan is good at flashing his million dollar smile……all the way to the bank!

      • oxygen:


        “When asked by a forum participant about the possibility of using budget surpluses to fund the nation’s increments in social spending, Dr Ng said the government does not have surpluses, noting that PM Lee had even mentioned in his rally that it took out S$8 billion from Singapore’s reserves in the last financial year.”


        IF THIS $8 BILLION WAS TAKEN OUT OF SINGAPORE’S RESERVE IN THE LAST FINANCIAL YEAR is correct of fact, DID THE PM AND CABINET got your approval of “safeguard” that this country cannot allow any incumbent Government to dig into past reserves to fund current expenditure?


      • Maxchew:

        No, he’s not joking, he’s just being sarcastic and cocking a snook at the67% of Singaporeans who did NOT vote for him! Yes, u r absolutely correct that I’m a lackey of the Lees and a lame duck Prez…but so what, I’ve been elected the Exec Prez and am now enjoying the million-dollar pay and perks everywhere I go….hehehehe!

      • jaywalker:

        Our Presidents are well known CSBs – Chief Sitting Bulls. The best paid job in the world for doing nothing.

      • eka:

        Our Papies voted President is to help Pap control Spore without any obstruction and saling smoothly. President just cutting few opening official ceremony ribbon, open house to public, forcing himself to smile like crying tiger, approved whatever Papies request: JOB done! and receieved big pay check!
        We dun need him to make simple living!

      • lampard chee:

        “A busy and fulfilling first year as President”

        of cos lah … say yes , bo chap , shake hand , carry babies , cut rebbons , go london see olympic and show face on tv … one year $2,000,000 plus bonus for 6 years somemore .

        where can you find the most easier job in the world ? super high pay without any respnsibility , no target , no KPI , no power , no income tax , KLKK , talkcock singsong , free meal , free healthcare , free bodygaurd , free transport , fly here fly there , smile like a robot , wive like a robot and talk like a robot !

        busy ? counting money everyday ? his son must be the most happiest man in the world !

      • Born a British Subject:

        “A busy and fulfilling first year as President”. Pai say to describe mah! Actually, he wanted to say “Pay so much, do so little” How to do anything, see the following:
        1. Monies held by MAS do not belong to the Government;
        2. MAS is not directed by the Government on how such monies are/should be utilized; and,
        3. Neither the Government nor MAS is accountable to Parliament, the President and/or any parliamentary due process before such monies are administered.

      • the citizen:

        @ PressNoDent,
        Ah Meng will surely do a better job and costs $millions less!!
        You see,Ah Meng can self sustain by posing with citizens to be photographed (especially handphones come with cameras are so handy!)
        and get paid!!

      • RDB:

        He meant SELF-FULFILLING but dare not or most likely don’t even have the spirit for Singaporeans. He is so filthy rich the preisdent rnumerations is nothing to him.

        And as Christian, he also most likely assig his wealth & health to bleeeings from God. But then, does he know like we truly faithful ones that God said HE’LL make “The least the most and the most the least”? Meaning that those humans who did it to themselves to be most at the expense of those who gave and love universally till they become the least by people like him!

        Also he doesn’t know that there are at ANY TIME always THREE WILLS – GOD ALMIGHTY’S, man’s and The Devil’s! So, like those CHC members who foolishly “Cast Pearls at swines” in the name of their Kong He & wife Sun Yi, Tony Tan Keng Yam is equally lost in the wilderness of Lucifer’s domain. Though I say these things, the judgement is not mine but God’s. So I am saying for the hope in prayer that TT and they who are Christians are reading this will be blessed.

      • sarah:

        Haha. The result of the great choice that the great Singaporeans made.

      • JBJ Lives:

        Singapore does not need a President. Full Stop.
        Can we fire the current fool and get back our public tax payer’s monies paid out to him and worst in millions-billions to previous clown called Nathan who laughed his way to the bank and buying up the Eastern part of Singapore for his family and profits. We got screwed big time.

      • Pudhu cherry pondi cherry:

        A busy and fulfilling first year as President” collecting fat pay check and counting CPF money.

      • the quiet one:

        who voted for this president?


        If you know the answer, then you should be blaming the right person or people who voted him in.

        Singaporeans like us are just too stupid
        we deserved whatever we are gettng because of our persistent stupidity

        i am commissioning the genome centre in Europe
        to isolate th stupid gene in our society
        then to cut and splice and insert the
        I no stupid gene in

        any donation welcome
        no sperms needed

      • InGodWeTrust,AllOthersPayCash:


      • Hard Truth:

        He has the best paying job, best palace, best seat, best service from all those balls carrying bootlickers. And what has he done for the people of Spore?

      • bettershowsnextyear:
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