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Reporters without Borders Petitions the Singapore Government to Release British Author

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  • temasekreview
    Reporters without Borders Petitions the Singapore Government to Release British
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25, 2010
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      Reporters without Borders Petitions the Singapore Government to Release British Author

      Reporters Without Borders today Launched an International Petition for the release of British Author Alan Shadrake.

      It is a France-based international non-governmental organization that advocates freedom of the press, has called on the Singapore government to release The Author of (once a Jolly Hangman) Alan Shadrake.

      Reporters Without Borders draws its inspiration from Article 19 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, according to which everyone has “the right to freedom of opinion and expression” and also the right to “seek, receive and impart” information and ideas “regardless of frontiers.”.

      In it’s report it stated categorically that Alan Shadrake’s Imprisonment was a Violation of The Declaration of Human Rights. (Excerpts Below)

      “The The Singaporean government in July 1993 joined other member states in supporting the Vienna Declaration on Human Rights 1993 that calls on countries to respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that guarantees freedom of expression.”

      “Shadrake has been forced to stay on in Singapore since July in very difficult circumstances. His passport has been confiscated and his health has deteriorated badly since his arrest in July. He has serious heart problems and recently suffered an internal haemorrhage. “

       “The British journalist is also virtually without resources and suffering serious financial problems.”

      The petition which is addressed to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, can be found on the organisation’s website: http://en.rsf.org/petition-alan-shadrake,38642.html

      Amnesty International is also said to be joining in the Petition.




      52 Responses to “Breaking News: Reporters without Borders Petitions the Singapore Government to Release British Author”

      • eaglefly:

        don’t worry, i’ll buy 2 copies of his book and pass around.
        should each and everyone here buy the same, we would have done our TINY part.

        should anyone has better idea, maybe a protest at speakers corner ??

      • Is this the beginning of freedom for sg. At least , a good start.

        But international court should also trial LKY, LHL for abuse of human rights.

      • picknose - the real deal:

        i wondered why the ruling party sue almost every tom dick and harry
        BUT it never seem to take action on several website that are highly negative towards them

        such as : http://www.yeocheowtong.com/

        for starters as a citizen

        for years i have been hoping that the ruling party would come out to refute these allegations

        I am not sure who is telling the truth

        but one cannot simply conclude that silence is consent

      • PAP Sucks:

        Singaporeans should be ashamed of themselves.

        Being lorded over by a old man nearing 100 years old, being a country of mindless, intellectually incapable masses in the old man’s fiefdom.

        Having to rely on a 70 over year old British man to save them.

        Shame on you, Singaporeans.

      • Gilbert Goh:

        Good pressure by the Borders organisation.

        All the best to them but I dont see our government yielding ground here.

      • Atrocious!:

        This is SHOCKING NEWS ! If not for this article, I wouldn’t have realised that a British author has been detained in Spore with his passport confiscated, and worst, refused medical assistance despite deteriorating heath issues.

        Yet, PRC prostitutes are allowed to ROAM FREELY like parasites in Geylang and amongst our heartland !!

        What has this nation become ??! Worst that the autocratic state portrayed in 1984.

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