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[Singapore Dissident] Singapore today, a fractured segregated society

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  • Gopalan Nair
    Ladies and Gentlemen, Singapore of my youth was not what it is today. We were Singaporeans, it did not matter whether Chinese Indian or Malay. A country just
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21, 2010
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      Ladies and Gentlemen,

      Singapore of my youth was not what it is today. We were Singaporeans, it did not matter whether Chinese Indian or Malay. A country just like it's people, over the years develops a character unique to itself. It is hard to explain but it was Singaporean. Just like it is hard to explain what it is for any other nation, but people there know what it is.

      True, unlike the established countries like France or Britain, Singapore is young, but still in 50 years or so, it had a character, which Lee Kuan Yew destroyed. Were it not for him, Singapore would be very different in character today, I can assure you that. It would be a place with a soul, a place where people cared for each other and a government which put the people's interest first, not their own pockets.

      Unfortunately today that character unique to Singapore is gone, thanks to Lee Kuan Yew and his immigration policies. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese peasants from Communist China with little education in anything, with no knowledge of any other language, let alone any knowledge of Singapore their host country are brought in. Many others from other neighbouring countries also pour into the small island.

      These immigrants know nothing of the country they now call home. And unlike the USA or other Western Countries, there are no set of laws that define their rights within society. If there is a Constitution, they know nothing about it. Their only concern is to fend for themselves and their profit. Nothing more.

      And knowing nothing of what a Malay or Indian is or what they look like, for the first time, they are asked to live among them. Fear and insecurity overcomes them and for a safety net they withdraw into their own communities. They are not aware of their Constitution, and therefore their rights in relation to others. It is like asking me to live in Kazakhstan tomorrow. Insecurity fear and trepidation overcomes them.

      For the first time, they hear the Malays speaking a strange language, and the Indians speaking even stranger ones. And they look totally different from anyone they have seen, the Malays with strong built and brown skin with the Indians dark and hairy. Keep in mind, most Chinese coming from Mainland China are from it's remote areas because they are not accepted anywhere else, lacking qualifications. In most cases before coming to Singapore they probably never left their villages.

      Their children go to school in Singapore not knowing what their rights are because their teachers like them are terrified by the minute of the same man, Lee Kuan Yew. They can be sacked the moment they utter any dissatisfaction towards the King (sort of a King), Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew or his son. No teacher would teach their child rights such as free speech and expression, a normal thing in any other part of the world, even though it is in the Constitution. To do so would be the doom of the teacher as well as the child, as we all would know sooner or later that demanding human rights in the island is hazardous to your life.

      As a result, these Chinese human imports from China stick to their own community. If ever they cross over to others, it is only to the Singapore native Chinese community. As such over time, not only the recent foreign Chinese human imports but also the local Chinese become increasingly distant from the other races.

      In this situation, the Indians themselves, not having any Chinese connections stick among themselves and so do the Malays. Today, as opposed to 50 years back, there is no "One Singapore" to speak of. You have the Mainland Chinese Singapore, the local Chinese Singapore, the Burmese Singapore, the Vietnamese prostitution ridden Singapore and you have the imported Indian Singapore and the local Indian Singapore. Each member of each group stay among themselves. They don't cross the lines.

      It is not to say that other countries do not have immigrants, they do. But a new migrant to Australia is immediately told his rights, his duties and his responsibilities under the Constitution of the country. For instance the new migrant knows that Australia has a free press, the rule of law, independent judges, that he can criticize if he wants and if he is discriminated there is the Equal Opportunities Commission and Racial Discrimination laws. In this case, the new migrant steps into Australia, not insecure and terrified of what to expect but fully confident of what he is, a human being with all his rights under the proud nation of Australia.

      He breathes freedom from the moment he steps off the aircraft in Sydney. He can go out an yell, "Down with you Kevin Rudd or who ever other is now the Prime Minister" but he will not be arrested and he knows it. In Singapore if you said it about Lee Kuan Yew or his son, you will be first arrested, taken to the Mental Hospital near Bishan a suburb of Singapore for various tests. After a few days there, you will be taken to Changi Jail, given food and lodging for a couple of days and then brought to court charged with "Insulting a Public Official" for which you will spend another few months in custody. That in a nutshell is the difference between Australia and Singapore and that is why Australia is a first world country and Singapore is Third, even if Lee Kuan Yew the Singapore King thinks so.

      Other than the fact that you, a recent Chinese immigrant, are told that you could make a little more money than you can in impoverished Harbin, Communist China, you know nothing else. Zilch. Nada.

      Even though outwardly they are told a lie by Singapore that you have courts and law and such like, within no time, you will know the truth. Which is, keep your mouth shut, obey, be quiet, go home and watch television and let Lee Kuan Yew do whatever he wants with your taxpayer money. And what is more, praise him whenever you are in public lest Lee's dreaded Tonton Macoute or the ISD catch you complaining.

      And while this murder of a once great island goes on by the day, local capable Singaporeans leave the island in the thousands. At the same time, there are insufficient babies being born and if that is not enough, you have flooding every other day.

      A racially fractured incongruous island such as this, will not have more than a year before you see visible signs of collapse.

      Lee Kuan Yew does not appear to believe in the idea that the principle asset of any country is it's people.

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      Posted By Gopalan Nair to Singapore Dissident at 9/21/2010 06:53:00 PM
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