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Singaporeans: 12 years of frustration under the PAP

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      Singaporeans: 12 years of frustration under the PAP

      To Temasek review readers: This is a grammatically correct rewritten compilation of some REACH website postings on the Prime Minister's 2010 National Day Rally speech.

      The postings appear to be made by the same person or the same group of persons due to repeated references to 1998. It is good that there are people who are aware problems already exist long ago and not just during the past few years.

      fdimagesIn 1998, many young foreign workers were quickly employed at my workplace. When things worsened, the Singaporean staff aged 40 and above was told to leave in 2 weeks. One supposed reason was that older workers would be sick more often and take medical leave. Younger and cheaper workers are supposed to be full of energy and help the organization grow. At that time, only blue collar workers were affected but I started to think that we were coming to an end of Singaporean.

      During the General Election of 2006, I knew of a 32-year-old car-owning engineer.  He said the ruling People's Action Party (PAP) would protect the job of Singaporeans. By 2010, 36-year-old former managers with diplomas are working in cleaning, security or as taxi drivers. This engineer has become a 36-year-old security guard. His car has been changed to BMW. Not the real BMW-branded car but Bus, MRT and Walk. Now these senior managers are affected by wholesale foreign replacements.

      Education became useless as those with university degrees ended up as taxi drivers. Even a Phd holder (Mr Cai Mingjie) had to drive a taxi with the certificate being kept at home. Unemployed persons going for educational courses to upgrade themselves are probably wasting their time. Regardless of Singaporeans' talent, there are no more jobs which pay $2500 per month or more available as they have already been given to foreigners.

      Some foreigners in lower-end jobs grumble about work permit applications not approved or want to have higher paying jobs so that they can obtain Permanent Residency. More foreigners should leave Singapore so that our public Mass Rapid Transit system will be less packed. We should not give our jobs to foreigners who are here for education. Singaporeans are already being paid less than foreigners. Only foreign entrepreneurs can be called foreign talent 

      Singaporeans become security guards at the building with the foreigners going into their offices. These Singaporeans are only earning $1300 per month. With CPF deduction, the take-home pay is less than $900.

      Older Singaporeans are retrenched have used up their retrenchment benefits if there are any while their children cannot find reasonable-paying jobs. These children hope their aged parents die faster as it is too expensive to send them to old folks home in Johor Baru or Batam. 

      Foreigners tell me they wish to earn as much money as possible here. When they are old, they will sell their HDB flats, withdraw their CPF and return home for retirement. Some are even thinking returning home while continuing to rent out their current HDB flats. For Singaporeans, they can only hope to become taxi drivers till they are 72 years old and hope to find enough passengers.

      Many newer naturalized citizens have foreign spouses who remain foreign nationals. These ex-foreigners can still return to their home countries. Local couples can only die. Their children will not be able to support them. It is better for younger Singaporeans to marry higher-level foreigners so that emigration is an option.   Birth rates are low and I cannot hear children crying at my estate. All I can hear are foreigners talking excitedly about having a good job in Singapore through their mobile phones. Local children cannot afford to make children. Being single is by force, not by choice.

      The poor Singaporeans above 55 years old are desperate and do not want to rely on their already-burdened children. As these older persons cannot afford to go to old folks home, some of them are saying going to prison is better.The NTUC is hopeless in protecting local workers. It is about time to give locals a try for existing jobs, including government jobs. It is too late to expect a better future in Singapore.

      Singaporeans want PAP out of the government. They want the PAP's job because in a way, that is the only available job left. The PAP talks about sharing economic growth but do the citizens on the streets benefit?      The PAP has destroyed what it has created in the past and cannot solve the problems. The PAP is left with only its core supporters. During the 2006 General Election, PAP needs buses to fetch people in order to ensure attendance at rallies.

      A 24 hour cooling off period for the upcoming election is not enough because the heat inside against the PAP is already 12 years old. The pro-foreigner PAP has caused Singapore to be overpopulated and the National Flag to become a piece of toilet paper. Reciting the pledge at an opposition party election rally with locals has more meaning than the National Day Parade filled with foreigners.  Members of Parliament have to stop the foreigner influx and the retrenchment of Singaporeans.

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