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Best Job In The World, Worst Job In The World.

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    Best Job In The World, Worst Job In The World. from SingaporeSurf
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2008
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      Best Job In The World, Worst Job In The World.

      by Insane Polygons

      The politicians, bureaucrats and scholar civil servants turned GLC bosses in singapore has got probably the best jobs in the world. Job security, good renumeration and the privilege of never having to answer for anything. They take the lion's share of credits, accolades and rewards but when something goes wrong, its always someone else's fault.

      Best job in the world.

      Take the security of singapore for example. For years, the MIWs has been singing their own praises for what a good job they've been doing, how the world renowned safety of the singaporean streets is due to their genius, hard work, planning and foresight. Heck, they even rewarded themselves with million dollar salaries for doing such a good job. Meanwhile the policemen patrolling the streets on foot every night gets maybe a couple of hundred dollars increment if he is lucky.

      Than Selamat happened.

      The guy in charged gave a half hearted apology. Makes no promises of ever catching the escapee, releases vital information in dribs and drabs and after more than 1 month, still has got nothing to show for or answer for.

      Meanwhile the guy in charged of the guy in charge doesn't come out to say anything for like two weeks. Does nothing to assure or calm the nation and when he does finally give enough of a fuck to make an appearance, basically shrugged his shoulders and gave an insouciant "what to do?" statement.

      In the history of government and leadership, I'd think its safe to say this ranked as one of the worst job in the world.

      And as if that was not bad enough, the father later came out and basically fucked everyone by pointing his wrinkled fingers back at us for being complacent.

      Don't have to take responsibility, don't have to take blame and at the end of the day push the blame back at your detractors and critcs.

      I dont know about you but I'd say, they probably have the best jobs in the world.

      Then you have our MRT.

      We managed to almost doubled our population size in about the same timespan as the operation of the MRT. And this expansion of population size did not came about because singaporeans started to breed like rabbits. Essentially the government just opened wide the doors and invited everyone and their grandmother to come in and joined the party.

      With so many new arrivals, the ridership of the MRT couldn't help but increase. Samuel L. "Bad Motherfucker" Jackson could be yelling "Snakes on A Train!" everyday and there would still be just as much people taking the MRT. Taking the train used to be enjoyable and comfortable. These days, the sardines living in their sardine cans looks at us and feels sorry for us.

      Essentially, the senior management of the SMRT could have sat on their hands chilling out somewhere on a beach in the Meditteranean for the last 5 years and the ridership of the MRT would have still increased.

      Best jobs in the world.

      Of course sometimes it does feels like the senior management of the SMRT has been chilling out somewhere on a beach in the Meditteranean for the last 5 years because the frequency of the trains feels like it has barely changed even though the size of the population has increased by so much. Service standards certainly haven't improved and the trains seems to break down more and more often. We are paying ever increasing fares for ever decreasing comfort.

      I'd say they are doing the worst job in the world.

      And finally you have our ever increasing income gap. Since the last election and the one before it, the gap between the rich and the poor, the haves and the have nots has been getting increasingly wider and wider. This despite the supposedly strong economic growth and booming economy.

      A booming economy which the MIWs wasted no time in claiming credit to and of course promptly rewared themselves with another round of pay hikes.

      Best jobs in the world.

      Meanwhile the poor just gets poorer and has to pay more for everything ranging from rice, GST to basic utilities. But of course this is not the fault or problem of the MIWs. Its globalisation and inflation you see. Something beyond the control of the MIWs and certainly cannot be held responsible for.

      Hooo, best jobs in the world.

      So there you have it- more elderly cleaning tables, toilets, streets, picking out garbage, aluminium cans and cardboard boxes- barely scratching out a living. The government doesn't want to help, doesn't feel like helping and doesn't bother to help and they don't even what to give you back your CPF after 65 to make your life easier.

      Under the circumstances, most citizens in any other country would say, this government is absofuckinglutely doing one of the worst jobs in the world for their poor and disenfranchised. But hey, if you have the best jobs in the world, you probably couldn't give a shit if you're doing one of the worst jobs in the world.

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