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Fwd: To DPM Lee: Please show us 100,000 jobs

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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2003
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      Forum: the Sammyboy.com's Alfresco Coffee Shop Forum
      Subject: To DPM Lee: Please show us 100,000 jobs
      From: BART (CFKM)
      DateTime: 30/06/2003 18:12:56

      You asked "What does he expect Singaporeans to do? "

      I guess DPM LHL simply doesn't care. Not too long ago , a PAP minister Dr.
      Vivian remarked that "Singaporeans should not rely on the government to do
      everything for them". No other country has such a lame govt, except for
      Singapore. You begin to curse the PAP. They are, in reality, the nemesis to
      your well being, your survival.

      These million dollars minister are living in lap of luxury , do they understand
      the plight of the jobless with bills left unpaid, legal letters in the
      mail,services threatened to be cut, daily expenses become a difficult task and
      avenue for borrowings declining by the day? Nope , a millionaire minister will
      never have the slightest clue how a pauper Sporean live!

      Due to the high cost of living in our country and 40% CPF contribution, there
      isn't much bank savings for the average Sporean. However, their CPF savings
      over the last 10-20 years are really substantial .Yet most jobless Sporean can
      still die of hunger because the CPF savings cannot buy them even a plate of
      rice. So most of them start using up their bank savings or credit cards, and
      very soon, they are in arrears. The jobless are at their wits end. The govt is
      not helping much and the jobless are out in the cold. They are in a
      heartbreaking situation and desperate. There is no help they can turn to. The
      govt they voted for is leaving them in the lurch.

      The PAP govt either do not understand the jobless problem or they choose not to
      understand, even when they are partly responsible for the bad job market.

      Seriously, the ministers only need an iota of imagination to the understand the
      predicament of the jobless. Let me imagine you are jobless for a year. I know
      you will get frustrated and easily agitated. You began to curse the govt for
      their inaction, for ignoring the plight you are in. You resolve to vote the
      opposition when you next had a chance to vote.

      However, it is astouding now that this govt simply refuse to take care of the
      population even they might face a backlash of angry voters in the next
      election. If they cannot create new jobs, they still refuse to extend financial
      aid or let you use your CPF savings. They leave you to die, even when you are
      not the one who refuse to work. You tried to find work but simply cannot land a
      job. The govt turn a blind eye on you. You sink, that's your business, too bad.

      A crisis will show the true color of the govt you gave your vote to. Now you
      begin to regret your stupidity in voting for PAP. But, it might be too late as
      the options are getting thinner.. Our newspapers are hopelessly pro-govt that
      they will not report the citizens woes and doing all they can to portray the
      PAP govt is doing a great job. Actual fact, the govt is unable to create new
      jobs, slow in responding to high costs, they are not doing their job. Yet they
      demand the highest salaries! Basically, the PAP is taunting in your face
      because all viable oppositions are either bankrupt or in exile.

      So what can you do? Nothing much I am afraid. You have absolutely no income.
      How to survive? Do you need to rob? You feel like a fool, knowing you have
      $100k in your CPF and yet is unable to pay the $10 for your telephone bill or
      your next meal. This CPF thing is a big joke. And the govt refusing to help,
      talk is only talk, is driving you to desperation. It is driving you mad. Fcuk
      the govt, you cursed. For what use is a govt that refuse to take care of the
      populations' welfare, when they are in dire straits?

      Might as well do without such a govt, and if I need not pay CPF, taxes or GST,
      perhaps my bank savings would be larger and last me 2 years instead of the 2
      months. You would be much well off without such a lame govt. A govt that is not
      working for you, but only for themselves, is a national liability and a curse.
      This period of pain is to become a lesson that you are directly affected by
      politics, and you must play an active role in pressuring the govt to address
      the citizens' concerns and survival.

      If they refuse and persist in "talk and not do", you reckon its time to replace the lame govt. After all, your future and survival is your concern and you must
      act on your concerns. Elections is not a game anymore. It is not hype or
      something you fill in for a lucky draw. You will be writing your own epitath if
      you do not vote for a govt that will take every necessary action to ensure the
      citizens well being and survival. A caring govt is far better than a forced
      savings scheme under a mercenary govt - PAP ministers and MPs. This CPF scheme
      has developed into a burden to the people and there is no good reason for it to
      exist anymore. This present govt chose to leave you in the cold.

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      Forum: the Sammyboy.com's Alfresco Coffee Shop Forum
      Subject: To DPM Lee: Please show us 100,000 jobs
      From: (FREE88MAN)
      DateTime: 30/06/2003 05:46:14

      Obviously there's hidden agenda behind our hard earned CPF. Most of the people
      more or less knew that our gahbrament has been using the CPF $$$ to fund
      certain projects and could have made a huge loss several years ago during those
      crisis and not to mention about investment in Suzhou as well as made
      some "donations" to some of our good friends in our neighbouring countries.

      Chances are that there may not be sufficient CPF $$$ to go around should all
      those jobless people start to take them out at one shot. Imagine when such news
      of able to draw out CPF $$$ are being spread, what's gonna happen is that next
      day you will see a huge crowd of people queuing outside all those CPF building.
      Large amount of funds will be required to transfer around probably even need to
      eat up some of our reserves. Sillypore need all those $$$ to sustain her
      operation in alot of ways. LHL will definitely reject such ideas of drawing our
      CPF $$$ at this moment unless the current situation got very worst, he and his
      team members can no longer think of anymore solutions.


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