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Fastest growing Petition in SG history. Sign it now! Also, how PAP media lied to justify pay hikes

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  • Robert HO
    ... Fastest Growing Petition in the History of Singapore 0
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2007
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      The petition against Pay Hike for Singapore Ministers has grown to over 1500 in the last few days and still growing. Please continue to support it. Here are some interesting comments left by the signers.

      This current call by the Prime Minister to raise Ministerial and Civil Service pay is the callous reflection of the PAP Government's state of endemic disconnect. It also reflects the sad state of unfeeling corruption that has enveloped the administration, which has been functioning without the safeguards of a Democratic Society. The absence of free elections, an independent judiciary, a free press, a functioning political opposition and adequate civil institutions have allowed the formation of a nepotistic oligarchy. The real solution for Singapore and it's future success will come after the demise of the PAP government. That demise is nearer than most will realise .The eventual watery graves of all dictatorships is clearly etched in history, and Singapore's oligarchy will not be exempt.
      - Zhen J X.(171)
      Remembered LKY speaking to reporters when ministers salaries were raised from $2.5K/mth to $5K/mth then but kept his own at $3.5K/mth. When asked why he did not increase his salary, he replied that a true politician must have the love of the nation at heart and not the money. So now, we do not have true politicians as LKY would love to have but leeches. Can any of the ministers succeed on his own? I doubt very much they can even gain employment in the elite sectors on their own steam - eg Mr Yeo Cheow Tong wanting to join the pte sector. Has he found a job in the pte sector yet? If so, is his salary close to his minister's salary? Any other ministers dare to follow him by stepping down and venture into the pte sector? I doubt any would!!!
      - Leslie Lau (150)
      I feel that the pay hike is really unjustifiable. The current pay of the PM is already more than half that of the US president and Singapore is so many times smaller than the US, If the govt really want to retain their top officials, they should be looking for people who're really interested to serve to begin with -- officials with not just the brains but also the heart. And if the govt is really concerned abt retaining people, for starters, they could change the work culture. There are so many more things the govt can do than to use money to buy over talent. Even if they did, they'd only win mere workers, not their compassion for the people.
      - Lynette(269)
      There are 55,000 millionaires in Singapore, and I believe that many of our ministers and ex-ministers and senior civil servants are already in this millionaire bracket. Why is the Singapore trying to generate more and more millionaire ministers? The government should be helping to elevate the pains and sufferings of those who are not highly educated and well connected, and who are having a hard time making ends meet...!!! Dying rich at the expense of a country's poor citizens will make them spit on your grave!
      - Har Kow (249)
      I am furious with the government's claims and threats that if we 'do not pay them enough', our whole economy will collapse, our houses will lose value, jobs be in peril and women be forced to work overseas as maids. As a woman myself, I am particularly offended by the last comment. Don't talk as though we can't survive without you. Many women today have good qualifications, in fact, many SINGAPOREANS have good qualifications, just because you leave, doesn't mean we are going to become maids. And are you saying the hard work of many ordinary Singaporeans doesn't support the economy much? Stop taking credit for everything. I am unimpressed with the government of late. I have yet to see any of the amazing talents you clam you possess. You sound as though you are holding everybody ransom.To all: DON'T BELIEVE THEIR LIES AND THREATS! FIGHT FOR YOUR SAY!
      - Furious (353)
      The idea of using exorbitant salaries to attract people into politics and as a measure prevent corruption in Government is simply wrong and naive. If someone is in politics solely for the million dollar annual salary, what is to stop him or her from corruption when it's far quicker and an easier way to get filthy rich once he/she is power? The million dollar question here is: If you have to undergo a life threatening operation, would you let a surgeon who is more concern about the thickness of your wallet operate on you, or someone else who's in medical practice for the simple reason of saving lives operate on you? Now do we want a Government made up of people in it for the money?
      - Eric Yeo (448)
      A company CEO, top banker, etc get his pays from his company's shareholders, and his is answerable to them and checked by the board of governor in his company. ministers, civil servants etc, etc, receives their pays from tax payer money. therefore, he should be answerable to them. the PAP has developed a system which will collapse if they are voted out of the election, which imply that the system has no proper check and balance in place. This prove that the system is a complete failure. For a group of people who has left the tax payable and the singaporean with such a lousy and vulnerable system..I say they definitly do not deserve a pay raise.
      - Chun Wai (778)
      If the government need to remain clean through money, its corruption in itself .
      -Vincent Ng (766)
      The very nature of this whole excercise shoes how impotent Sgeans have become to the bullying and scare tactics that are very so often used by the PAP. The latest being, our women becoming maids. There can never be a better time for all Sgeans to not to do a Judas and betray the rest of us by voting them. If the benchmark is to prevent corruption, then the argument that by paying Ministers more is a mere way of staving off this corruption, so are we to assume that all ministers are in fact inherently corrupted? Please, PAP, we have no more blood to give also, we want accountability for the actions of the PM's wife in Temasek, false election promises and the need for medicine when we are not at all ill. - Corruptus Maximus (875)
      Can you see that Singapore( Lee Garden) will be the playground for the rich and famous? With 2 brand new multi-billion Casino on the pipeline, waterfront properties and a host of others. Singaporean will be nothing but servants to all the new super-rich coming to live in Singapore. Included in those super-riches are non other than your Ministers as well. Singaporean will be classified 2nd-class citizens in the New World order. How can we simpletons, wage earners carry on living in such a country. Whenever the so called authority wanted to raise their wages, gst hike, transportation hike, utilities hike and etc.....Our economy is always projected to be very good and vibrant. Where is the stats when those in the heartland are so disillusioned and forlorn looking. Majority of the present HDB home owners whom bought their pigeon hole at a high and lost their job from the downturn from 97 onwards. Most became cab drivers and hawkers and are struggling till to bear the consequences. PAP SUCKS BIG TIME!
      -Tony (1339)

      Straits Times Spin Again


      By: Exist15

      Our great Straits Times.....


      Economic Times:

      Wall Street Journal:





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