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Bio-Medical Research: Safeguards to Scandals?

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  • cylent_assassin
    From: cylent_assassin 12 Jan 2006 Sg_Review Bio-Medical Research: Safeguards to Scandals? The truth is finally out.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2006
      From: "cylent_assassin" <cylent_assassin@...>
      12 Jan 2006
      Bio-Medical Research: Safeguards to Scandals?

      The truth is finally out. "Trail-blazing" South Korean stem cell
      researcher Hwang Woo Suk's results have all been refuted and
      denounced. The only real success in his millions of dollars of
      research funding and thousands of forcibly donated human embryos was
      a cloned dog named Snuppy.

      He has resigned and there are talks of criminal investigations. The
      stem-cell and bio-medical research atomic clock has been reset back 2

      Singapore is gradually positioning itself as a bio-medical research
      hub. It has built (and continues to build) a massive complex at North
      Buona Vista Road, for the purpose of bio-medical research.

      In a recent scandal, there was a viral outbreak in a clean room,
      prompting review of clean room procedures and technology. It is clear
      that such reviews only occur when the proverbial shit hits the fan.

      What safeguards are in place to ensure no scandal similar to the
      South Korean one occurs on our shores, particularly pertinent when
      local and foreign researchers constantly angle for government dollars?


      From: Jeffrey Ho <jjceho@...>
      Date: Wed Jan 11, 2006 4:26 am
      Subject: Straits Times (5 Jan 2006) - ' "Stem cell" body blow to Korean scientists' : Many Parellels BUT One Major Difference with NKF

      Parallels to NKF:

      1. Public have been misled

      2. "...(citizens) have finally begun expressing outrage and a sense of betrayal"

      3. "..authorities showed support and continued heaping accolades on him....even after (someone) had blown the whistle..."

      4. ..."authorities ... not monitoring (his) work closely" - despite being alerted repeatedly over the years in NKF

      5. Need to "set up review board"

      6. "..Scandal has ..hurt the reputation and international standing..."

      7. Angry ...(citizens) want to see (culprit) and others involved ... punished"

      8. Signature (petition) campaign to punish wrongdoers

      9. Credibility of investigators (regulators, auditors) compromised


      1. "Heads have rolled" in Korean government (Science and Technology Minister, Oh Myung) - but not in Singapore
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