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JBJ: PAp liars distorts Privy Council Judgment

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  • uncleyap2001
    Delivering Press Statement on Behalf of Mr. JBJ here, he is not able to post on his new blog at this time. I am will deal with the blog later. But here is Mr.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2005
      Delivering Press Statement on Behalf of Mr. JBJ here, he is not able
      to post on his new blog at this time. I am will deal with the blog
      later. But here is Mr. JBJ's statement which I have got via fax:



      PAP distortion of Privy Council Judgment

      I see that the PAP government is resorting to chicanery to hide the
      truth from Singaporeans about the Privy Council's verdict on the
      "convictions" I suffered at the hands of the Singapore courts (ST
      Friday Dec 9). It is not the first time. It is completely dishonest in
      the way it is presented.

      Jayakumar, the Minister for Law, or Chan Sek Keong, the Attorney-
      General, should have pointed out any "inaccuracy" in interpreting
      the judgment of then Singapore's highest court of appeal. Instead,
      they hide behind the skirt of a civil servant. The PAP forces civil
      servants to make political capital for them. It is thoroughly
      unworthy of a government that claims to be creditable.

      To put the record straight and to nail the lie once and for all that the
      Privy Council did not condemn the judgments of the Singapore
      courts, will Jayakumar or the Attorney-General honestly and
      truthfully, as though on oath, answer the following questions:-

      1. It is true or not true that in 1987 the Singapore court of three
      judges ordered that I be struck off the Roll of Advocates and
      Solicitors on the ground that I had been correctly convicted on four
      criminal charges, a ground specified in the Legal Profession Act for
      striking out an Advocate and Solicitor;

      2. Is it true or not true that in my appeal to the Privy Council I had
      challenged the validity or correctness of the criminal convictions
      against me;
      3. Is it true or not true that the Privy Council in October 1988
      overturned the Order of the Singapore court holding that I was not
      guilty of any of the offences, the convictions were all wrong and
      that "by a series of misjudgment' in the Singapore courts I had
      suffered a "grievous injustice". (See Judgment of the Privy Council
      (1989) A C 1);

      4. Is it true or not true that I was restored to the Roll of Advocates
      sad Solicitors following the decision by the Privy Council to overturn
      the Singapore high Court decision to strike me off the Rolls;

      5. Is it true or not true that I was thwarted by the Singapore courts
      in three attempts I made to make it possible for me to appeal to
      the. Privy Council and which the Privy Council noted in their
      Judgment and regretted the actions of the Singapore courts.

      It is completely dishonest to say that "Mr Jeyaretnam did not appeal
      to the Privy Council against his convictions" deliberately hiding the
      fact that the then Singapore laws gave no automatic right of appeal
      to the Privy council from any convictions in the Singapore courts.

      It is again completely dishonest for the PAP government to say,
      through Its civil servant that the validity of my criminal convictions
      were not before the Privy Council. How dishonest can this
      government get. I do not want a civil servant to answer the
      questions. They must be answered by the government's highest
      legal officers.

      If either Jayakumar or the Attorney-General do not answer these
      questions, Singaporeans will be entitled to assume that the
      government's protest about the programme is totally unfounded
      and only worthy of a government that distorts the truth.

      JB Jeyaretnam

      OCR from fax by UncleYap
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