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Singapore's Great Election Hoax

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  • mellaniehewlitt
    http://news.ft.com/cms/s/f9c337ea-0d28-11da-ba02-00000e2511c8.html Singapore president wins new term as elections panel disqualifies rival By John Burton in
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2005
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      Singapore president wins new term as elections panel disqualifies

      By John Burton in Singapore
      Published: August 15 2005 03:00 | Last updated: August 15 2005 03:00

      S.R. Nathan will return unopposed to a second six-year term as
      Singapore's president after a government-appointed elections panel
      disqualified an independent candidate, dashing hopes for the city-
      state's first open presidential election since 1993.

      The possibility of an open presidential election was raised when
      Andrew Kuan, a local businessmen, recently said he planned to stand
      against Mr Nathan, 81, a former intelligence chief and diplomat who
      had been endorsed by the government.

      The decision by the election committee at the weekend to reject Mr
      Kuan was expected after several unflattering disclosures about the
      former corporate finance executive were made in the state-guided

      Government officials suggested that Mr Kuan lacked the qualifications
      to become president, whose main duty is safeguarding the use of
      national reserves of more than US$100bn (€80bn, £55bn).

      Mr Kuan said he planned to "go before the Singapore people" to
      present his case for an appeal. "I expected the government to
      discourage me, but not this way," he said.

      Eligibility requirements for a presidential candidate are strict,
      with the pool of candidates limited to senior government officials,
      heads of government agencies and chief executives of large companies.
      Only about 600 people are estimated to be eligible for the post.

      Mr Kuan claimed he was qualified because he served as chief financial
      officer for JTC, a state agency that is Singapore's biggest
      industrial property developer.

      The elections panel said Mr Kuan's seniority and responsibility in
      JTC were not comparable to the eligibility criteria required in the
      constitution. After Lee Hsien Loong, the prime minister, called on
      former employers to air their views of Mr Kuan, JTC executives said
      his performance as CFO was unsatisfactory during his three years in
      the post and he was asked to leave.

      Mr Kuan said his presidential bid was a test of Singapore's
      commitment to democratic principles.

      Political analysts warned the rejection of Mr Kuan might pose a
      political risk for the government in general elections, which are
      expected to be held this year. Although the long-ruling People's
      Action party is expected to win easily, a dip in voter support would
      be seen as embarrassing,

      Criticism of the election panel's decision has been widespread on the
      internet, which is emerging as a political force in the tightly
      controlled city-state. Internet postings said that it went against
      government promises of greater openness, and that it should be left
      to Singaporeans to decide whether Mr Kuan was qualified by holding an

      Mr Kuan said he would push for more transparency in government
      accounts as president. Temasek Holdings, the state investment agency,
      and Government of Singapore Investment Corporation, the state-run
      international portfolio investor, have not opened their books to
      public scrutiny.


      From: Mellanie Hewlitt <MellanieHewlitt@...>
      Date: Sun Aug 14, 2005 9:33 pm
      Subject: The whole problem of the "Election" of President Nathan. mellaniehewlitt

      Comments: Mellanie Hewlitt
      At an annual salary of SGD2.4 million per annum, SR Nathan is the
      world's most expensive ribbon cutter. Being pro Establishment and
      a "PAP Yes Man", he is eminently qualified for this purely ceremonial office.

      After the previous President Ong Teng Cheong decided to take his role
      seriously and questioned the government concerning state management
      of the country's reserves, Singapore's Ruling Elite have been more
      selective in screening potential applicants for this largely
      ceremonial offce.

      Only in Singapore is it possible to have an "elected" president
      without actually having a election.

      Whilst the government (PAP) controlled press and papers print pages
      of a resounding political victory, we append below some articles
      which reflect the true state of Singapore's inner most incestous
      political circle.

      From: "Muse_Alternative"
      To: Sg_Review
      14 August 2005
      The whole problem of the "election" of President Nathan.

      Dear editor,

      I think by now we would have expected Nathan to get the certificate of
      Eligability while the other 3 would be disqualified. After all, it
      reeks of a well-organized PAP plot to continously support Nathan while
      engaging in a shameful smear campaign against Mr. Andrew Kuan. The
      Board who also decides who gets the CoE are also a bunch of PAP
      loyalists and so are the Chief Operative Officers in the JTC board.

      When Nathan decided to run for a 2nd term, immediately the top brass
      of the PAP jumped on the bandwagon and decided that Nathan was indeed
      the best 'candidate'. Week after week, more and more PAP ministers and
      sub-ministers were praising Nathan for his 'hard work', 'loyalty' and
      for being a 'People's President'.

      Nathan also decided to crow those 'good points' again in countless ST
      interviews. Everyone decided then and there that Nathan will be there,
      no mistake and will win through a walkover. Case closed for the PAP
      and their cronies isn't it?

      Wrong. Andrew Kuan decided that he, too wanted a share of the action.
      So last Friday, on the 6th of August, he filed his application for the
      certificate. It stunned a lot of Singaporeans(in a pleasant way) while
      shocking the top brass of PAP in an extremely bad way.

      For one day, the PAP was slient. They wouldn't have realised that,
      Andrew Kuan, also a PAP member would have the guts to challenge the
      govt's appointed candidate. After that, it was war.

      SPH newspapers from last Saturday onwards launched a smear campaign,
      intending to discredit Mr. Kuan's CV at all costs. They didn't give
      Kuan's supporters any chance of defending his friend. Nor did they
      give Mr. Kuan a chance to defend himself either. The last low blow
      happened on Thursday and Friday when Kuan's old bosses at Jurong Town
      Corporation decided to come out and 'admit that Kuan was a useless
      civil servant'.

      Of course, after the decision on Saturday(yesterday, 14th August) not
      to issue the certificate to Mr. Kuan, the likes of the Straits Times
      and Lianhe Zaobao proclaimed it to be the 'right decision' and that
      Nathan was the only 'noble' and 'wise' candidate of all 4 who decided
      to apply for it.

      These actions not only reeks of a complete set-up and a sham of any
      democratic actions, but it only shows how desperate the PAP are when
      comes to ensuring that only their appointed candidate will get
      elected- no matter what other people may think of it.

      By doing so, the PAP has insulted the people's intelligence. By doing
      so, they will ensure they have signed their death warrant. Such
      arrogance will not go unpunished and such actions will be hard to
      forget. If the PAP thinks that by doing this, they will extend their
      reign- then they are completely mistaken.

      Such insults are hard to forget, and there will be a time when they
      will indeed regret it. But it will then also be a case of 'too little,
      too late'.



      Forum: the Sammyboy.com's Alfresco Coffee Shop ™ Forum
      Subject: Mega Fraud: A Prez elected w/o election
      From: (BCVX)
      To: (ALL)
      DateTime: 13/08/2005 07:24:01

      What a fraud on the people. An utter scam and farce of the gutter.The
      country to have an ELECTED PRESIDENT without an election.Now the
      question is, when the PrataMan sits in the chair again for
      another five years, how is he going to adjust to the fact that the
      citizens never elected him, they were denied the chance to elect a
      prez and and that now he sits in the Istana by virtue of fraud,
      scam and farce.

      THIS SCENE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. How will the Scums in White face
      the people after this.

      Even they are keeping quiet and still willing to wear that white
      uniform. What kind of low integrity leaders this country is having



      Forum: the Sammyboy.com's Alfresco Coffee Shop ™ Forum
      Subject: File complaint to United Nation abt PAP
      From: (DARINGDUDE)
      To: (ALL)
      DateTime: 13/08/2005 16:38:57

      We gotta do file this complaint to UN right away.This is getting to
      too much from the way PAPtoying with our democracy process and
      ourcitizen rights in practice our voting rightsfor President
      Election and General Election.

      How long we Singaporean gotta tahan?No more, WE CAN'T TAKE IT

      Fill up this form:


      email to: tb-petitions@...

      Ask UN to come to Singapore to hold a fair General Election and
      President Election forUS.

      WE need UN power now to help us to get out fromPAP evil and unfair
      ruling of Singapore.PAP is a illegimate government of Singapore.They
      won every GE by using unfairness tacticlike GRC, redrawn of boundary,
      etc, etc.

      Please clearly state your name, NRIC and address.They will
      keep it confidential. don't fool aroundby filling up fake
      informations.Lets do it now!!


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