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      1 AUG 2005
      We are paying too much for some services

      SINGAPOREANS seem to be shortchanged on a number of services they pay
      for - no doubt, there are many others.

      In 1987, I applied for a passport valid for ten years. However, I could
      use it for only nine years and six months because all countries require a
      six-month validity period.

      Had I applied for two five-year passports, one upon the expiry of the
      other, I would have lost a whole year.

      New passports are to be issued soon. Can the authorities issue passports
      with an extra six months of validity so that we can actually use them for
      the duration we have paid for?

      At one time, road tax validity started on the first of the month even if
      the car was registered on the 30th. Now, it starts on the date of payment.
      If this can be done, surely the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority can
      accede to my above request?

      Another instance: Delisting one's name from the telephone directory costs
      $20 for registration and attracts a $5 service fee every three months
      thereafter. I wonder what the need for these charges is. Is there $20
      worth of work involved in "registration" for delisting? The operation
      probably takes only a few seconds on the computer and everything is done
      over the phone; a one-time token charge of $1 to delist should suffice.

      Secondly, why is there a charge every three months? Once the name is
      delisted, it remains so until reactivated.

      Also, a subscriber who moves but wants to retain his old telephone number
      will be saddled with a $24 Number Retention Service charge every three
      months. Again, why is this repeat charge necessary?

      A third instance: The other day, at the Registry of Marriages, I was
      shocked to learn that the change of a witness would cost $15. Why? What
      series of complicated procedures does this charge pay for? Sometimes a
      witness simply may not be able to attend. It leaves a bad taste in the
      mouth on what should be a happy day.

      And finally, recently, some readers have expressed unhappiness over having
      to pay unnecessary parking charges. For the five minutes from 6.55am to
      7.00am they had to pay (the night charge of) $2. It is good to hear the
      HDB is reviewing this scheme ("Car park fee rethink", July 29).

      I would suggest that charges for the two hours before 6am could be on a
      per-minute basis, where the ERP parking system is used. People have been
      suggesting for a long time that parking charges should be by the minute.
      It is time all car parks were required to do so.

      We live in a computerised world. We claim to be the most wired country in
      this part of the planet.

      It is time the computer was used to reduce costs for the consumer, not add
      to costs.

      - Letter from Murali Kumara Sharma

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      Subject: Town Council Fees
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      Assuming avergae each block has 100 units.4 rooms flats ( $48 from govt $48 from owner ) - $96Fee for each block - $9,600Each block need about 1 cleaner with $1,000 salary.Excess - $8,600 to pay for
      electricity bill , upgrading , what else ?? It seem like the surplus is huge , yet everytime they ask to increase the fees ????

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