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Singapore is nanny state because the people want this?

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    Joined: 27 Apr 2005 Posts: 140 Location: FindSingapore.Net Posted: Thu May 12, 2005 2:36 pm Singapore is nanny state because the people want this? CDCs: We do
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      Posted: Thu May 12, 2005 2:36 pm
      Singapore is nanny state because the people want this?

      CDCs: We do our best to help
      May 12, 2005 Print Ready Email Article

      THE New Paper on 29 Apr reported the situation faced by Madam Lee Kum
      Len, 64, and her husband in its report 'So who can help them?'.

      We agree with your reader, Mr Norman Tan, who said in his letter, 'A
      little help can go a long way' (TNP, 4 May) that children should take
      care of their parents, unless the children are themselves needy.

      This is the operating principle the Community Development Councils
      (CDCs) adopt to determine if families or individuals qualify for
      financial assistance.

      Before this case was brought to our attention by Bishan East Citizens'
      Consultative Committee (CCC) in March, the CCC was already helping
      them with supermarket vouchers and a modest cash grant.

      In addition, the Residents' Committee also visited Madam Lee when she
      was hospitalised and arranged with the Town Council to help tidy up
      their home.

      When our social services officer visited the couple to ascertain how
      best we could help them, she found that they have six children, and
      five are able to support them.

      In such cases, which do not qualify for financial assistance, the CDCs
      go further, by working with their families, and enlisting the help of
      voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) and grassroots organisations,
      and other government agencies.

      We liaised with the VWO handling the case to offer home help services
      to Madam Lee's husband.

      Last month, we also invited the children to come for a joint family
      discussion, but regrettably, they declined.

      We want to continue to work with the family, but they must be willing
      to do their part.

      Your readers may rest assured that CDCs make every effort to
      understand the circumstances of the needy, and will help them
      financially if they qualify.

      If they do not, CDCs will go the extra mile of working with families,
      and other agencies which might be able to offer other forms of assistance.
      - Patrick Han,
      CDC Planning & Development Division,
      for Chief Executive Director,
      People's Association
      S'poreans should stop whining

      I HAVE come to the conclusion that it is the people who have made this
      country conservative, and not the Government, as popularly believed.

      Over the years, letters to newspapers have complained that the
      Government is conservative and is not as open as the US, for example.

      At first, I agreed, but when I read letters calling for bans on
      smoking in public places, or eating while driving a vehicle, I know it
      is Singaporeans who ask for tougher laws.

      I also find that parents tend to pass the burden of responsibility for
      their kids over to the Government.

      An example is the call by parents for the Government to educate their
      children about sex and Aids. Don't they have a part too?

      Lately, many also demanded that casinos not be built lest gambling
      ruins lives here.

      At the end of the day, the people, not the Government, must be
      responsible for themselves and their children.

      If Singapore is a nanny state, it is because the people want this.
      - Jaidev A Nanwani

      Vampire Pharaoh


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      Subject: Change or Perish- PAP must advice itself
      From: (NARSCIUSS1)
      To: (ALL)
      DateTime: 16/04/2005 09:28:24

      We have been hearing so often from the great leader
      that Singapore has to change, stay relevant, move with
      the times, remain engaged with the world etc.

      " Nothing is cast in stone " The PAP leadership likes
      to keep baying to the people over and over again.

      It looks like the whole world has changed, moved on,
      regimes that stayed in power for over half a century
      have collapsed to give way to democractic way of life

      Even the peasants in Singapore have changed.
      Their outlook to life, the craving for more liberty,
      unemployment blues have all made the mark on the
      society in Singapore.

      Except the PAP itself.
      Its dogma of leadership , meritocraqcy has become irrelevant,
      obsolete and downright stupid. It is an ossified dogma that
      tells itself it is the best for Singapore.

      But somehow the party's backbone of mental intellectual
      efforts are still with the 82 year old chief, while the others just
      wag their tails calling themselves second generation leaders.

      What leaders are they?
      They are not leaders at all in any sense of the word.
      They are imposed on the people by the big chief whose
      dogma for selecting potential leaders is solely based
      on their tail wagging ability to the structured power pyramid heap.

      The faster you wag your tail, the quicker you nod your head
      in agreement, the lesser you offer dissenting views, the
      earlier you accept the dogma of the big chief, are all
      necessary pre-requisites to establish your meritocratic
      credentials in the party. You are also honoured as an elite
      if you happen to have a Phd on top of the above intangible

      It looks like there is only one thing that needs change.
      The change in thinking at the top of the pyramid heap.
      They have to realise that their dogma has failed, failed
      miserably and is downright out of sync with the rest
      of the world trend.

      But the problem is - that a bull headedness of a stubborn
      big chief is so immense that he refuse to discrd his now
      worthless dogma, which he keeps insisting will deliver
      the goods as it did years ago.

      One example - What good is a dogma that took 13 years to
      realise that the economy was going down hill and yet kept
      the KAYU as the headman to preside over the downhill slide ?

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