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MUST READ: Singapore coroner commits perjury and obstruction of justice, in a long line of corrupt LIE KY judges, by declaring Shane TODD committed suicide, not murdered, as facts show

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  • Robert Ho
    Shane Todd committed suicide by hanging: Singapore coroner[image: Yahoo! Newsroom]Yahoo! Newsroom – 1 hour 8 minutes ago - [image: American scientist Shane
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    Shane Todd committed suicide by hanging: Singapore coroner

    Yahoo! Newsroom –  1 hour 8 minutes ago

    American scientist Shane Todd committed suicide by hanging himself, according to a coroner’s final verdict issued Monday.

    State coroner Chay Yuen Fatt found that there was no foul play and that the deceased died by asphyxia due to hanging.

    The electronics engineer was found hanged in his Singapore apartment in June last year. His passing was kept low-key, until his parents Rick and Mary Todd approached U.S. media insisting their son was murdered – for involvement in a secretive transnational project between Singaporean and Chinese firms.
    The outcome of the inquiry, which cannot be appealed, comes after drama-filled events in court over two weeks of public hearings in May.
    Upon arriving in Singapore, Todd’s parents accused local police of tampering with vital evidence. A week later, they stormed out of court and returned to America after their main witness, a U.S. pathologist, was mocked by the audience. 
    Despite having never seen the body, he theorized – without evidence – that Todd had been assassinated and was hanged for the appearance of suicide. 
    Todd’s parents maintain he was targeted after he quit his job at Singapore’s government-affiliated Institute of Microelectronics. They say their son had expressed unease over working with China’s Huawei Technologies on an allegedly high-tech project for military use.

    The firms have denied working on a clandestine project involving Todd.
    The Singapore government also rejected the conspiracy theory in favour of forensic evidence that Todd hanged himself, a position corroborated by two other testifying U.S. pathologists.

    Additional findings presented by local authorities include a psychiatrist's testimony that he was depressed, suicide notes and a history of visiting suicide websites.

    These conclusions were then summarily dismissed by Todd’s parents as “a sham and cover-up”. 

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    RH:  For the veracity, honesty and corruptibility of the Singapore courts and judges, read this Wikipedia article on former Singapore Solicitor-General Mr Francis SEOW and also, his insider account of the Singapore judiciary, in his excellent book Beyond Suspicion? -- The Singapore Judiciary [click], available on amazon.com [click here for link to book].  Book is described as:

    Editorial Reviews


    Once again, Francis Seow has revealed, with his usual rigour and attention to detail, a vital part of Singapore's repressive machinery, this time by placing his spotlight on its judiciary. 'Beyond Suspicion? The Singapore Judiciary' is essential to understanding the true nature of human rights abuses in that country. Human rights campaigners now and historians of the future will regard it a required reading. -- Margaret John, Coordinator for Singapore and Malaysia, Amnesty Internatinal Canada

    Francis Seow has not just exposed the judiciary; he has also laid bare the serious limitations of the political system. This is a quite brilliant piece of sustained analysis of how the judiciary is harnessed to political persecution. It is a style and methodology that is more legalistic..., but it is only through this approach that the full magnitude of the judiciary's emasculation and the PAP's manic desire to crush the slightest semblance of serious scrutiny become fully clear. --Garry Rodan, Director, Asia Rresearch Centre, Murdoch University, Western Australia

    This is an extremely valuable record of many significant cases and events that lay bare the dynamics of the Singapore judiciary and its intersection with political personalities and imperatives. It is an impressive work...of scholarly and public policy interest, providing chapter and verse on the politico-legal nexus in Singapore. -- Christopher Tremewan, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), University of Auckland, New Zealand

    About the Author

    Francis Seow was educated at Saint Joseph's Institution in Singapore and at the Honorable Society of the Middle Temple, London. he joined the Singapore Legal Service in 1956, serving as deputy public prosecutor until 1972, when he entered private law practice. He was appointed Solicitor General of Singapore by Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, and was elected president of the Law Society in 1986. In 1989, Seow was appointed the first Orville Schell Fellow, Yale Law School, and in 1990, a Fellow at East Asian Legal Studies, Harvard Law School.

    Product Details

    • Paperback: 428 pages
    • Publisher: Yale University Southeast Asia Studies (January 2, 2007)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 0938692879
    • ISBN-13: 978-0938692874
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    Date: 12 June 2013 14:21

    Subject: MUST READ: Shane-neni.GaN.s: "It was a kangaroo court, it was a sham, it was a joke," Shane's mom, Mary TODD, told KAJ News [video] + Wikipedia updated references

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    From: Robert Ho <robert.ic019@...>
    Date: 7 June 2013 16:28

    Subject: MUST READ: Shane-neni.GaN.s: Dr Shane TODD's family seeks justice outside of Singapore court

    MMM.  You cannot understand the tiny islet city of Singapore today without understanding the mafia famiLEE that has run it since 1959.  There is no better single website on the mafia famiLEE than this, for a graphic look at the open nepotism and criminal mafia methods of the famiLEE, lovingly and painstakingly put together by an American couple.  Do read.

    Marion family seeks justice outside of Singapore court

    Posted: Jun 5, 2013 4:03 PM by Laura Wilson - KAJ News 
    Updated: Jun 6, 2013 8:02 AM


    MARION - A Marion family, who recently dropped their inquest request into the suspicious circumstances surrounding their son's death in Singapore, is now seeking justice for him outside the court room.

    Tainted evidence, false testimonies, and a corrupt prosecution, they're all things Mary and Rick Todd say led to them walking out of a Singapore courtroom during the inquiry into their son's death.

    "It was a kangaroo court, it was a sham, it was a joke," Shane's mom, Mary said. "It had a been a mom tortured for [10 days], sitting there day after day, hour after hour - listening to lie after lie and realizing that they do not care about the truth."

    Shane Todd, 31, was found hanging from his bathroom inside his Singapore apartment in June of 2012, just days before his scheduled departure home to the U.S.

    His parents say their son was murdered, though, because he knew too much about his company's illegal transgressions. They also state that Shane's autopsy report, along with photographs of his body, support their homicide theory.

    "You can see the scratches (on his neck) when he was being strangled, he was fighting for his life-those are fingernail scratches," said Mary Todd.

    Shane's parents say leaving Singapore actually brought some closure to their son's death.

    "When I walked out, I was relieved, because I knew they didn't have the power to torture me any longer," said Mary Todd.

    The Todd family is now taking a different approach in how they seek justice for Shane. This week, they put a public document online full of evidence suggesting Shane's murder. Their hope is that it will go viral.

    "This document backs up every single thing we've said and every single contention we've made with facts. I'd like to get it out there. We hope that our country does that right thing, but I'm going to go on and live a good life," Mary Todd told us.

    "We can't do any more - we're just one family against three countries. We've received a lot of help from Senator Baucus and Tester's office, and Congressman Wolfe. We hope that continues." Todd added.

    The Todd's hope the public documents lead to a congressional investigation in the future, but say they've already honored their son by posting the truth for everyone to see.

    To see the complete documents, click here.


    Dr Todd’s father gives the family side of the story

    DMCA.com  June 4th, 2013 |  Author: Contributions

    [The email was sent by Mr Rick Todd to several recipients today (4 Jun). Among the recipients were TRE, an editor of Associated Press and a Legislative Director of a congressman, Mr Thomas Culligan. Mr Culligan is the Legislative Director of congressman Frank Wolf. Mr Wolf is a Republican first elected in 1980 and one of the House’s leading crusaders for human rights. He is also an influential appropriator as chairman of the Appropriations’ Commerce, Justice, Science Subcommittee.]

    Regarding the murder of Dr. Shane Todd in Singapore

    Dr Todd's parents

    From: Rick and Mary Todd (Dr. Todd’s parents), 1771 Bitterroot Dr. Marion, MT 59925. Contact email: ricktodd@...

    Purpose: To use our son’s murder to alert ordinary citizens and elected officials of the dangers associated with the illegal transfer of technology and to show how far some foreign companies and governments will go to protect clandestine work or international reputation.


    Dr. Shane Truman Todd was found hanging in his apartment in Singapore on June 24, 2012. He had a PhD in electrical engineering and had been leading a special GaN (Gallium Nitride) development team with the Institute of Microelectronics (IME), working with the multimillion-dollar MOCVD (Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition) system IME had bought from Veeco.

    In January 2012, IME sent Dr. Todd to New Jersey for training on this highly technical, one of a kind MOCVD machine. Upon returning to Singapore, Dr. Todd reported meeting with a Chinese company. He became increasingly uncomfortable and told his family he was being pressured to compromise US security. He refused to do so. From late February Dr. Todd spoke with his family weekly, expressing fear for his life because of the work he was doing with this Chinese company. The company was identified as Huawei through documents found on Dr. Todd’s external Seagate hard drive after his death.

    In March 2012, Dr. Todd gave his 60-day notice to IME and was given a bonus by IME to stay and complete some projects. At the time he was found dead, he had accepted a new job offer, bought his plane ticket home and was in the midst of washing and packing his clothes. The police immediately ruled Dr. Todd’s death a suicide. Even after the family informed them that Dr. Todd had expressed fear for his life, they never considered looking into the possibility of murder.

    The Investigating Officer (IO) admitted in the coroner’s inquest in Singapore that the investigation had not been conducted according to international protocol but stated that the police were justified in the way they handled the evidence because of the obvious suicide. The family walked out of the inquest before it ended when it became clear that it was not a fair and impartial fact finding inquiry to get to the truth as had been promised by Singapore officials.

    Who Is Telling the Truth?

    ·        Was Dr. Todd murdered or did he commit suicide?

    ·        Did Dr. Todd have information IME and/or Huawei didn’t want revealed?

    ·        Was the inquest in Singapore a fair and balanced hearing of the evidence?

    To help concerned parties to answer the above questions the following files are attached:

    • an overview of the evidence
    • questions that the inquest never addressed or adequately answered
    • a chronology of Dr. Todd’s time in Singapore and
    • a list of documents supporting the family’s assertion that Dr. Todd was murdered.

    Related photos are also attached. The listed supporting documents will be sent by email upon request.


    Rick Todd


    * Warning: Documents below contain graphic photos that some readers may find disturbing. However, in the interest of allowing the Todd family to convey their points, TRE is publishing the information submitted by Mr Rick Todd uncensored:

    1. Info-evidence overview
    2. Info-unanswered questions
    3. Info-chronology
    4. Info-supporting documents
    5. Photo-room & computer
    6. Photo-head contusions
    7. Photo-hand comparisions
    8. Photo-neck abrasions
    9. Photo-neck comparisons

    LLL.  For a very quick glimpse into LIE KY psyche, personality, methods and hypocrisies, read these WikiQuotes from LEE Kuan Yew.


     III.  Further to para FFF, Shane was left alone in a room with top secret recipes, obviously for him to study and copy.  Shane could easily have used his smartphone to photograph the entire stack of recipes.  My previous cellphone, now vandalised by the ISD CIA operating in the flat above mine, a cheap and modest Sony Ericcson, already had a document mode to photograph documents.  The Singapore Ambassador to the US, who has publicly objected to the this Associated Press article [the best defence is a good offence], mentioned that China had already bought "hundreds" of the kind of ovens that IME bought and for which had sent Shane to Veeco to learn the recipes.  Obviously trying to say that China does not need Shane and IME to obtain and transfer sensitive technologies.  This is only a half-truth at best because like kitchen ovens, you can buy hundreds of ovens but cannot bake a cake if you do not know the recipe for baking cakes.  Hence, the Veeco ovens are useless without the recipes, hence Shane was sent by IME to Veeco in the US to learn the recipes.  Meaning that THERE WAS TRANSFER OF SENSITIVE AND VALUABLE TECHNOLOGIES using Shane as a medium of transfer.

    JJJ.  Throughout the kangaroo court hearings, the court tried to emphasise that Shane felt guilty about transferring prohibited technologies and implying that because of this or partly, Shane may have eventually committed suicide.  But if you deduce from this, the fact that Shane felt guilty actually proves that Shane indeed, HAD BEEN INSTRUMENTAL IN TRANSFERRING FORBIDDEN TECHNOLOGIES.  Otherwise he would not have felt any guilt or wrongdoing.  So the court was, unwittingly, proving that THERE WAS TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER.

    KKK.  LIE KY was voted into power as PM in 1959.  However, in the very next general election in 1963, he lost by a landslide so caused a 6-hour blackout around the City Hall vote counting centre during which he evacuated all the counting agents and other officers and after electricity was 'restored', LIE KY had WON by a landslide.  I am on record on YouTube video saying this, in addition to my allegation of further election rigging in the 1997 general election in the Cheng San constituency.  I have not been sued [by the most sue-happy govt and politicians in the world, in history, also the most successful, sure-win suers in the history of jurisprudence] nor charged.  So my allegations of LIE KY repeated elections rigging still stands.  I have also published numerous internet articles on these election riggings and they still stand, unchallenged.  LIE KY and his ISD had also beaten to death political detainee Mr CHAN Hock Hua.  So these are the kind of politicians -- crooks, criminals, thieves, murderers, you are dealing with, in the form of a [Singapore] govt.

    EEE.  Further to paras RR, SS, TT, UU, VV, WW and XX, Singapore's Patent Office started only recently, in 1995.  The reason is, there are hardly any local Singaporean inventions before 1995 or after.  The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore [IPOS] is a quiet and dead place, with hardly any patent applications.  It was started mostly because I had some inventions that I wanted to patent but did not have the money.  So the IPOS was started, like most other institutions, to Look Good and modern.  The IPOS is proof that there are no inventions in Singapore, which largely remains the entrepot port that Raffles founded in 1819 and this trading outpost economy remains to this day, with hardly any engineering other than factory line assembly operations.  Very few students study engineering in our 3 or 4 universities and they mostly prefer to do desk jobs than soil their hands handling metal or plastic objects.  Singapore is so poor in inventions that if you have an idea for a device, there is nobody or company in Singapore who can make a prototype for you, even for the IPOS application.

    FFF.  As for Shane being left alone in a room to handcopy recipes for GaN, the court tried to minimise this fact by saying that handcopy will not be accurate because there are many pages.  However, Shane is a PhD and even if he just read the recipes, even without copying them by hand, he would be able to understand the recipes and thus, able to replicate or duplicate the steps needed to make GaN wafers, simply by reading, studying, the originals.

    GGG.  In addition to all my detective work here, in these 60-odd, short paras, I would add that MOST MURDERS ARE KNOWN TO EACH OTHER.  Most murders occur between victims and their murderers who are close to each other.  Meaning that Huawei has little to do with Shane and the China Govt even less known to Shane.  So the closest relationship is the Singapore Govt, through employing Shane in IME and getting him to learn GaN recipes from Veeco, for the purpose of thereby obtaining GaN technologies, for which Singapore has no use, so only to gift to others.  So the key suspect based on the fact that murder and kidnap victims, etc, are almost always close to their murderers and kidnappers, must be the Singapore Govt, meaning 2A1B.

    HHH.  Further to para DDD, I quote the crook, thief and criminal, LIE KY, who famously threatened his critics and dissidents, "If you think you can hurt me more than I can hurt you, try."  He also threatened to hack his political opponents in an alley with a hatchet:  "You take me on, I take my hatchet, we meet in the cul-de-sac."  So, the black tie and tuxedo fundraiser dinner organised by KISSINGER with 3 Presidents, was honouring a CROOK, THIEF, CRIMINAL, NOW MURDERER, TOO.  So many decades of Absolute Power have totally dehumanised LIE KY and 2A1B, who have no constraints and restraints on their power and hence, will kill for little, meaning Shane.  One of the reasons the Amerikan Govt loves LIE KY is that he postured as a staunch ally of Amerika and even hosts in his tiny islet, CIA rendition victims, for torture and imprisonment.  Do read the Wikipedia updated article on Shane TODD, especially the part:  "Actually, no one believes it [was suicide]", updated 28 May 2013 at 04:15, now further updated on 31 May 2013 at 07:35 [new link just above].


    RH:  New texts in PINK [Paragraphing format: A to Z then followed by AA to ZZ and now continued as AAA]:

    AAA.  In the interests of Truth and Justice, I will add my remarks here, which is that Shane bout of depression would be known to IME [his Singapore Govt employer].  In getting the job, Shane would have to pass his medical exam and would have to truthfully state any past or prior medical condition, and medicines taken, otherwise his company health insurance will refuse to pay for a recurrence of any medical condition not disclosed in the forms.  In fact, this knowledge of Shane prior bout of depression would be an important factor tipping the LIEgime into killing him and covering it all up as suicide due to 'depression' and faking all the digital evidence to show suicide.

    BBB.  Do not trust Singapore Police and policemen because they are all fearful for their jobs and govt retribution, from an omnipotent and all-powerful govt that has arrested and jailed without trial >1,000 political prisoners, the longest for 32 years, longer than even Nelson MANDELA.  Here are search results for [ Singapore number jailed under ISA ].  It is also well-known that some of the ISD secret police do wear Singapore Police uniforms for easier arrests of political dissidents.  Tanglin Police station, for example, are staffed by mostly ISD secret police but each wearing an official police uniform, for easier arrests of opposition politicians, since it is a serious, big event, if the secret police were to arrest them instead, in their capacity as secret police.  So, in Singapore, police and secret police are interchangeable and the entire Singapore Police Force [SPF] are infested with ISD agents, as are all the papaganda medias.  In fact, the secret police are everywhere, including inside IME.

    CCC.  In Singapore, suicide by jumping off a tall building accounts for the vast majority -- 72.4% while hanging, the second most common method, accounts for a mere 16.6%.  In Hongkong, the first and second methods are 46% jumping and 23% charcoal burning [these are not latest figures].  If you think about it, there are not many ways to kill Shane and cover it up as suicide.  Thus, hanging was chosen.

    DDD.  Always remember that though 3 Presidents may have honoured LIE KY at the KISSINGER fundraiser, in a black tie and tuxedo event, LIE KY is a crook and criminal through and through, like many Amerikan-protected despots.  For example, PhD Professor Christopher BALDING [click], in his website [click], has uncovered the astounding fact that, analysing from the publicly published accounts of various Singapore Govt arms as well as investment vehicles controlled by LIE KY, his son 2A1B, wife, and relative TT, now President, some $1.3t are missing in what Prof BALDING wrote as "MADOFF"-style pure "accounting fraud".  In Prof BALDING article, "Why HO Ching won't respond to me" [click], [HO Ching is the wife of 2A1B and she controls the second sovereign wealth fund while 2A1B controls the other, the SGIC], he explains that he can prove every word he has written on the financial shenanigans of the LIE KY famiLEE, who has stolen most of the missing state reserves of $1.3t.  In any case, whether the missing $1.3t is directly in the famiLEE bank accounts and investment accounts or not, the fact is, the entire state reserves are personally controlled by the famiLEE and so are as good as their own personal monies, used as they wish, to whatever whims and fancies they want, including self-aggrandisement projects like investing big sums in countries where the LIEs want a bigger, personal, red carpet, welcome and 15min audience with their Presidents.  So the TODDs and the world should always remember they are dealing with crooks and criminals disguised as a [Singapore] govt.


    New texts in YELLOW:

    New texts in GREEN:

    A.  [Previously 1].  Shane body was found with his feet resting on the floor, yet woman forensics [every high position in tiny Singapore is given only to PAP members or elite families] lied that when he hanged himself, his feet would have dangled 6.5cm to 11.2cm off the floor [for hanging to be possible].  This means that the strap would have to stretch 6.5cm to 11.2cm for his feet to rest on the floor after death.  It is impossible for any strap, maybe even an elastic rubber strap, to stretch that much within a few hours of death, even with his body weight of 89kg.

    B.  [Previously 2].  The math calculation for this would be for a say, 100cm STRAIGHT LENGTH, how many percent would a leather strap stretch under 89kg force after several hours.  Note that even for a very fashionably thin watch strap, even if you wear it tightly with many kg of stress strain pressure, it hardly stretches at all, so for the much thicker strap round Shane neck, thick enough to withstand his 89kg, there would be hardly any stretching after a few hours or even weeks.

    C.  [Previously 3].  However, from this expert on leather stretching, he wrote that leather does not stretch at all, except under very special conditions and using special stretching fluid.  So the woman forensics lied big, taking us for fools, in the typical way Singapore elites think that we gullible 'daft' Singaporeans unquestioningly believe anything we are told as long as told by a so-called expert or PAP politician.  The leather expert wrote that leather, under extreme weight, if it did not break first, would stretch at most 0.5% to 1%.  Remember that this is for a STRAIGHT LENGTH.  If the length is not straight, as in the Shane TODD case, where the strap doubles back on itself in a noose PLUS GOES SOME LENGTHS AROUND HIS NECK, the Effective Stretch of the noose would only be about a third of 0.5%-1%, that is, 0.16% recurring to 0.3% recurring.  Thus, for a 100cm strap round Shane neck, the Effective Stretch would only be 0.16cm recurring to 0.3cm recurring.  Meaning that Shane feet would have remained dangling way off the floor, not resting on it.

    D.  [Previously 4].  Thus, this strap stretching is a case of the woman forensics taking us for fools and stretching the Truth a huge amount, a huge whopper.  She lied big time.  So the scenario of self-hanging is false and the true scenario is 2 men, about average size of about 60+ kg, having trouble lifting the 89kg body into position and could not devise a better strap or shorter strap, so Shane feet rested on the floor, with the woman forensics liar falsely claiming self-hanging is possible but that, to explain why Shane feet rested on the floor, lied big that the strap stretched a whopping 6.5cm to 11.2cm, this precision into 1 decimal place intended to show that she is so accurate in her determinations, another mistake she made.  [0.1cm is 1 mm, which is about as thin as a piece of paper, so how could she be so accurate, to 1 decimal place or 1mm?].  It is the Truth that has been stretched here.  Shane was murdered and the entire Singapore Govt, with the understanding of the Amerikan Govt, are now busily covering it all up as suicide.  There will be no justice for the Shane family since both govts are determined to claim it as suicide and close the case.  Just another death for Amerika and OBAMA cannot be bothered with its implications.  No justice for Shane.

    E.  [Previously 1].  If the ISD had the intention to kill Shane just days before he was due to return to US where he would probably [and may have expressed intention] to testify to US Govt about LIEgime serving as a conduit for advanced US military techs to third countries, the ISD would have prepared a garrote to simulate hanging, with soft towel or pad behind the neck so no strangulation marks behind the neck.  In fact, a towel was indeed found wrapped around his neck, meaning that no neck marks of strangulation would ever be found.

    F.  [Previously 2].  Most importantly, the parents of Shane TODD had reported that Shane had felt his life was threatened and had urged his parents to email him immediately if he failed to call them every week, and that if their email got no reply to call the American Embassy in Singapore immediately.  This is powerful and strong evidence, not conjecture or attempts to prove suicide as Singapore Govt and medias are trying so hard to do.  This alone pretty much proves Shane was murdered, despite the one-sided court hearing where all the so-called evidence and testimonies are one-sidedly trying to prove suicide.  Shane girlfriend, a Filipino nurse working in Singapore, also corroborated on Shane death threat, quoting Shane as saying, "Heavy hands are coming after me." Thus, neither Shane girlfriend nor his parents are lying about the death threats.  They have corroborated each other.  Also, Shane took the elaborate precaution to tell his parents to expect his call every week, failing which the parents are to email him immediately and if no reply, then quickly contact the American Embassy in Singapore.  Thus, the death threats are real.  Note that Shane is brought up in a religious Christian family and would not have lied or joked about the death threats.  Shane would not have lied about something so serious as a death threat.  Nor would he have decided to alarm his parents if the threat were not credible and serious.  Further, the calls are inconvenient since Singapore and America are about 12 hours or half a day different in time zones, so the weekly calls between Shane and his parents would be inconvenient, requiring both parties to find some mutually convenient time to talk.  Thus, we can dismiss any possibility that Shane was exaggerating or lying.  The death threats were serious enough for Shane to make these elaborate precautions of weekly calls.

    G.  [Previously 3].  The Singapore Govt has both the Motive/s, Means and the Opportunity/ies, both important in murders.  LIEgime has to cover up the fact that it has for decades abused its status as a staunch ally of Amerika, as classified in security clearances, so cleared to receive almost every important techs, from CIA surveillance gadgets, secret electronic info on its neighbours, to advanced military techs.  All these are jeopardised the moment Shane returns to the US where he may, as he may have expressed intentions to do, expose LIEgime duplicity to US Govt, thereby threatening not only the flow of high techs but also security guarantees to rescue or prevent an attack, big or small, from neighbours or terrorists.  So LIEgime stands to lose all these huge advantages which are even essential to its very existence, thus worth killing to protect.  Note that LIE KY, even when younger, did not visit Washington DC or London or EU whereas he visited Beijing almost every year [just count the visits].  He knows Amerika is in decline and China is the next great power.  However, the Amerikan Govt can be bought with money and LIEgime had given Amerika US$3b in 2005 with more and more billions every other year, now probably increased to US$10b a year, since the LIEgime is always careful to start small, then keep increasingly steadily, like GST from 3% then to 5% and then to 7% until the LIEgime lost so many votes and by-elections they dared not raise the current 7% further.  Bus fares increase 7 times in 8 years.  CPF Minimum Sum keeps increasing every year until few have money left to withdraw at 55, since all their monies are retained by the Minimum Sum scam.  Thus the LIEgime always starts small, then when people have forgotten, keeps increasing to infinity.  When the LIEgime started the Group Representation Constituencies [GRC] system to further rig the election system, they started with 3-member GRCS, then increased it to 4, then 5, then 6 members.  So the pattern of deceit is to start small, then keep increasing it to infinity.

    H.  [Previously 4].  So Shane was packing up to go back to US, with probably a prior expressed intention to tell what he knows to US Govt.  Shane not only knows what he knows from his work in IME, Shane had lived a year and a half in tiny Singapore, meeting and having many expat friends in a tiny islet where everybody knows everybody else.  Shane is a PhD, intelligent enough to analyse Singapore's policies and behaviours on American techs and LIEgime's predilections with Amerikan techs.  He could have written a very good analysis of Singapore's doings with Amerikan techs thereby justifying a review, [which ironically may now well happen with his death], of further techs flows to Singapore.

    I.  [Previously 5].  For the murder to take place, a discussion has to be made, then the decision taken, then a plan firmed up, then the chain of command studied to carefully choose the dependable, reliable, can-keep-secrets, killers down the line and finally, the order to kill, with method, place, cover up, etc, all double-checked and carefully planned to the last detail.  It is impossible for Huawei, a company, to plan an overseas killing like this, with such a long line of decision as well as chain of command.  It is also impossible for the China Govt to plan an overseas killing like this.  The chain of command and the decision line is simply too long and therefore dangerous.  Meaning that if they had done it, the US Govt would by now have proofs and evidences, electronic as well as spy documentations, to show Huawei or the China Govt did it.

    J.  [Previously 6].  On the other hand, on home ground here in this tiny city islet of Singapore, where the Singapore Govt, meaning 2A1B, has direct charge over and control of the ISD, which is his and his father's personal instrument of terror and surveillance, the Decision Line is short, the chain of command very short, and thus easy to kill and hide everything.  If you look at the headlines and the court's one-sided recitation of suicide, you can see how totally controlled everything is, exactly like Shane TODD's murder.  There need to be just 2 or 3 layers from 2A1B giving the order to kill, to the actual killers.  Just 2 or 3 layers and thus, very secure and secret.

    K.  [Previously 7].  The most critical fact is the fact that Shane told his parents his life was threatened and what to do if he did not call every week, as a precaution.  If he felt imminent murder from Huawei or China Govt, he would have called the Singapore Police immediately.  That he did not is either, he felt his life was threatened [enough to take precautions with weekly calls to parents] but not immediately OR THE THREAT WAS FROM THE SINGAPORE AUTHORITIES SO NO USE GOING TO SINGAPORE POLICE.  If he felt imminent death, he could have fled immediately using any means and leaving everything behind UNLESS THE THREAT IS FROM THE SINGAPORE AUTHORITIES, IN WHICH CASE HE WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO FLEE SUCCESSFULLY.  WORSE, HIS ATTEMPT TO FLEE WOULD TRIGGER HIS INSTANT DEATH.  So better to just warn his parents and thus also warn the watching Singapore authorities not to act rashly and for Shane to thus act normal and hope he can get back safely to America.  In fact, if 
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