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4422PAP SICK JOKES -- Ministers' Pay/Means Testing

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  • David See
    Feb 24, 2008
      PAP SICK JOKES -- Ministers' Pay/Means Testing
      Part 1 of 2:   PAP "Top Pay for Top Talent" Fiasco
      (a)   Various international publications including The Economist have recently confirmed that Singapore's Cabinet Ministers are the highest-paid politicians in the whole world! [ with annual salary of  S$3.8m (for Prime Minister) and S$2m (for Minister) ]
      (b)   PM Lee Hsien Loong say: 
             The GST hike from 5% to 7% is  "necessary to finance the enhanced social safety nets, needed to help the lower income group" (CNA 13 Nov 06).
             S'poreans Say:
             We, Singaporeans, Not Stupid! (with apologies to Jack Neo).
             Neither are we Gullible!
             Increase GST to really help the poor or to actually pay for the  world-infamous/obscenely-humongous/million-dollar salaries of ministers (mere Politicians, not demonstrated Political LEADERS!)
             AND how come GIC/Temasek can suddenly pick up from the Magician's Hat  S$14.4 BILLION, S$9.8 BILLION & S$6.4 BILLION to help bail out ailing Swiss/American banks from The Sub-Prime Mess ???
      [  UK Daily Telegraph 27 Jan 08 headline:
         Singapore PM  'transparency isn't everything'.
         The PM of Singapore is a staunch defender of its wealth funds --- but does not want a free press. ]
      (c)   PAP say:          Pay Peanuts, and you'll get Corrupt Monkeys!
             S'poreans Say:  Pay Big Bananas, but still get Incompetent Monkeys !!!
             Are our Million-Dollar Ministers truly "First-World/Talented/Exceptional/Extraordinary"?   RUBBISH !!!
             Are our Over-Paid Top Civil Servants truly "First-Class"?   MY FOOT !!!
      (d)   S'poreans Say:
             Australia's newly-elected PM Kevin Rudd is paid a  "peanut-salary" of S$424,000 a year (compared to Singapore's "fat-cat" Ministers) and yet he is able to do the "morally-right" thing in the report below.
             Will such a move EVER happen in Singapore?  FAT CHANCE!  DREAM ON!     
      Feb 6, 2008  ABC News
      Rudd serious on politician pay restraint: Gillard
      Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard says a suggestion by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd that politicians might take a lower pay rise to set an example for the country is a serious one.
      Mr Rudd has said the move could show the way on wage restraint in the wake of the latest interest rate hike from the Reserve Bank of Australia.
      "Obviously the Prime Minister was serious when he made those remarks," she said.
      "The Prime Minister, the Treasurer, the Rudd Labor Government believes everyone needs to show restraint in these difficult times."
      Ms Gillard says she would be prepared to take a lower pay rise than the remuneration tribunal recommends.
      "I'm certainly happy to abide by any decision the Prime Minister takes," she said.
      "I do think this is something we've all got to share in.
      "Inflation is a bad enemy for working families, its obviously a time in which everybody's got to show restraint.
      Part 2 of 2:   PAP "Means Testing" Fiasco
             S'poreans Say:
             WHAT A SICK JOKE!
             "Means Testing" (on public-funded Healthcare) for ordinary Singaporeans.... but  NO  "Means Testing" (on public-funded Govt Scholarships) for the children of  Obscenely-Paid Million-Dollar Ministers and Over-Paid Top Civil Servants (eg  Big-Mouth Big-Shot Bureaucrat Philip Yeo; ex-Head of Civil Service/EDB Chairman Lim Siong Guan) ???
      Example 1:
             $3.8m PM Lee Hsien Loong's third child, Li Hongyi was awarded a PSC Scholarship to study economics at the prestigious US Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
             His fourth child, Li Haoyi, was reported to be planning to apply for an Infocomm Development Authority scholarship.
      Example 2:
            CNA TV once showed $2m Minister Teo Chee Hean (normally serious-looking but this time grinning from ear-to-ear!) at a Govt Scholarship award ceremony.
            Both our TV/Print Media took great pains to avoid disclosing that his one precious son was actually amongst the scholarship recipients!
      Thank God for the Internet, this was quickly exposed by Internet postings with his son's full name (Teo Eng Siang) and even photo downloaded.
      How Pathetic And Pathetic (PAP):
            A  "super-rich" $2 million Minister [whose own father is also a super-rich OCBC banker] --- who is clearly "NOT SHY" to get his son to apply for a S'pore Govt Scholarship [ for undergrad studies at prestigious American Brown University, costing some $300,000 at our taxpayer's expense ].
      Especially when $300,000 is just "half-a-peanut" (by PAP standards) !!!.....
      .....and yet  "SO SHY"  to keep our taxpayer-citizens informed? 
      AS IF they have NO RIGHT TO KNOW how their tax dollars are being spent ???
      Pertinent Question --- did this proud/happy Daddy on handing over the scholarship to his son ever gave a thought that his son was actually depriving some other  "more financially-deserving" applicant (eg smart son of a taxi-driver who clearly do not earn million-dollars) of the very limited scholarships available ???
      Example 3:
            Over his 19 years as Cabinet Minister, Singaporeans (and NOT the PAP) have paid $2m Minister Mah Bow Tan an estimated handsomely-humongous  S$33 million in total salary/bonuses.
            Despite above, he did not send his son Warren Mah to university on "Father's Scholarship" (i.e. out of his own pocket) but managed to land him a Govt Scholarship (from Monetary Authority of Singapore) to study at the prestigious University of Pennslyvania in USA.
      The MAS scholarship is worth some S$300,000 --- which again, by PAP standards, is merely  "half a peanut".
      Sickest Political Joke of All Time:
             "There is always a strong demand for rental flats as they are heavily subsidised.  Those who are financially capable of owning a flat or renting accommodation from the open market, and those who have family who can support them, should not deprive the more needy of subsidised rental housing."
      ---  $2m HDB Minister-in-charge Mah Bow Tan (BT 3 Jan 08) ]

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