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New Years statement from Radical Women

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  • Glenn
    December 31, 2010 Dear Friend, 2010 s been quite a year! There have been many assaults from govern- ment and the right, but the year has also been marked by
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      December 31, 2010
      Dear Friend,
      2010's been quite a year! There have been many assaults from govern-
      ment and the right, but the year has also been marked by female stalwarts leading serious and creative efforts to repel these attacks.
      Radical Women has been in the thick of these struggles and we thank you for contributing your support, ideas, time, and dollars to help us collectively achieve so much. Together, we have furthered the rights of women and the survival of the most vulnerable in these tough economic times. We exercised our united political muscle with a combination of radical analysis and grassroots action. Here are some examples of what Radical Women and supporters like you achieved together:
      Agitated in unions and on street corners to oppose balancing
      government shortfalls on the backs of workers, the poor and the
      Fought to preserve and expand public education through
      participating in student and staff walkouts, door-to-door mobilizing,
      and endorsing a speaking tour by a Puerto Rican student organizer.
      Worked to build united fronts to defend immigrants and oppose
      rising racism and Nazis.
      Denounced political witch-hunts and police murders; demanded
      release of jailed radical activists Lynne Stewart, Mumia Abu-Jamal,
      and Lex Wotton.
      Continued the still raging battle to win and retain abortion rights.
      Sent socialist feminist representatives to the U.S. Social Forum in
      Detroit and the Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres (National Gathering
      of Women) in Argentina.
      Stood firm in defense of the liberation of Palestine, stopping U.S.
      wars, and ending violence and repression against women worldwide.
      Every single chapter of Radical Women -- New York City; Seattle; Portland, Oregon; San Francisco Bay Area; Los Angeles; Melbourne, Australia -- took part in those efforts. We've learned a lot, strengthened alliances and made new friends -- which is good, because 2011 brings more opportunities for organizing! As corporations make record profits and politicians of both parties sell public wealth to the highest bidder, it's time to say no more business as usual. We need an independent, multi-racial, militant feminist movement that can stop the decimation of social services and the continuous U.S. war on the world. We need -- as individuals and as a move-ment -- to be audacious, serious and radical.
      If you agree, please step up your involvement with Radical Women. You
      are needed! Check us out at www.radicalwomen.org, contact a local chapter or email the National Organizer. You can also learn more about RW through The Radical Women Manifesto, an exhilarating exploration of Marxist feminist theory and organizing methods.
      And don't forget to donate! As a community-based group, Radical Women
      survives on the contributions of people like you. The money you give will help expand revolutionary feminist organizing. Just click here to contribute online or mail a check, payable to "Radical Women" to
      5018 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98118.
      Yuisa Gimeno
      National Executive Committee
      Radical Women
      National Radical Women
      625 Larkin St. Ste 202, San Francisco, CA 94109
      Phone 415-864-1278 * Fax 415-864-0778
      Bay Area Radical Women
      625 Larkin St., Ste 202, San Francisco, CA 94109
      Phone: 415-864-1278 * Fax: 415-864-0778
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