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New Year's greetings from the Freedom Socialist Party

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  • Glenn Kirkindall
    New Year s greetings from the Freedom Socialist Party Make 2009 a year of victories for the world s working people December 31, 2008 As we approach 2009, the
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      New Year's greetings from the Freedom Socialist Party
      Make 2009 a year of victories for the world's working people

      December 31, 2008

      As we approach 2009, the profit system has taken a ferocious
      downturn that's become a worldwide depression. With imperialist wars
      and occupations raging, a crisis is upon us. But working women and
      men are rolling up their sleeves and fighting back.

      During the Christmas season, many in the Western world hope for a
      savior. But this year, numerous folks are looking beyond religious
      and political mythology to achieve the goals of peace, jobs,
      environmental protection, and healthcare. They are not waiting for
      pronouncements from heaven, the incoming administration of Barack
      Obama, or capitalism's pundits.

      Capitalism's "great men" have neither the expertise nor the will to
      meet people's basic needs for food, clothing and housing – which
      should be the minimum expectation of any economic system. The absence
      of a viable plan was made evident at a recent public discussion at
      Seattle's Town Hall in which the audience asked financial experts
      whether the economy could be fixed under the capitalist system. After
      a stunned silence, one of the speakers opined "maybe," while the
      others had nothing to say. Except for making vague promises
      that "things will get better eventually," the establishment
      economists have nothing real to offer households facing layoffs and
      loss of health insurance while struggling with huge debts.

      Working people around the world are responding to the crisis by
      taking things into their own hands. In Greece, students and unionists
      are in the streets demanding jobs for youth and an end to austerity
      measures that increase the workweek and cut social benefits.

      The brave Palestinian people of Gaza are resolutely refusing to
      relinquish their autonomy and are defying a starvation blockade by
      Israel and the United States. Mass strikes and demonstrations in
      Venezuela, Argentina and elsewhere are demanding a full investigation
      into the rightwing murder of three Venezuelan union leaders.

      In Iraq and around the world, thousands are rallying to demand the
      release of Muntader al-Zaidi, the courageous journalist who threw his
      shoes at George Bush while yelling, "This is the farewell kiss, you
      dog! This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed
      in Iraq !"

      In Chicago, laid-off union workers at Republic Windows and Doors
      forced the payment of accrued vacation and severance by conducting a
      five-day plant occupation, thereby pointing the way forward for
      everyone in similar situations.

      In North Carolina, the most anti-labor state in the U.S., 4,500
      Smithfield meatpacking workers won a union contract after a 16-year
      In Seattle, Freedom Socialist Party members staffed picket lines and
      worked in strike headquarters to help the International Association
      of Machinists stop major contract concessions at the Boeing Company.

      The FSP is assisting our sister organization, Radical Women, to
      organize protests against federal border agents who conduct workplace
      raids and highway checkpoints. The party and RW also support homeless
      people who have organized themselves into a self-governing tent
      community despite hostile municipal authorities. They are
      demonstrating with activists against California 's homophobic
      Proposition 8 and are organizing actions in defense of abortion
      rights on the January anniversary of Roe V. Wade.

      Globally, coalitions are forming to fight foreclosures, layoffs,
      harassment of immigrants and the poor, elimination of programs for
      women and children, and police state intrusions.

      These struggles are providing immediate relief and also building the
      confidence and skills needed for the larger and most decisive
      struggle -- to replace the profit system with a new economic system,
      socialism, that prioritizes human needs. The FSP believes that
      massive mobilizations by working people are key to defending our
      class and building an international, mass revolutionary party that
      can challenge the international bankers, bosses, and warmongers. We
      dedicate our efforts to that worthy end and seek collaborators among
      other socialist groups and individuals.

      A holiday toast to the victories ahead in 2009 -- ¡Venceremos!

      Freedom Socialist Party
      U.S. Section
      4710 University Way NE, #100
      Seattle , WA 98105


      Australian Section
      PO Box 266
      Brunswick , VIC 3055
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