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  • Glenn Kirkindall
    Hello friend, Are you looking for presents to inspire, inform, motivate and enliven a co-worker or family member? Red Letter Press may have just what you re
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2006
      Hello friend,
      Are you looking for presents to inspire, inform, motivate and enliven
      a co-worker or family member?

      Red Letter Press may have just what you're looking for! We're a
      volunteer-run, socialist and feminist publisher of highly readable,
      attractive, and low-cost publications aimed at helping people
      understand the world and come together to change it!

      Socialism for Skeptics
      by Clara Fraser
      A fun and challenging stocking-stuffer for that ever-questioning
      person in your life! This pamphlet contains 10 brief essays on such
      topics as the nature of human nature, the viability of a society
      built on shared wealth and a planned economy, and what it would take
      to get there. 44 pages, $4.00

      One Hemisphere Indivisible: Permanent Revolution & Neoliberalism in
      the Americas
      by Guerry Hoddersen
      Just published! An investigation of anti-imperialist upsurge in Latin
      America and its effect on U.S. workers. The author pays tribute to
      the leadership of women in Central and South America, and to people
      of color and immigrants firing up labor in the United States today.
      The author is the International Secretary of the Freedom Socialist
      Party and has traveled and spoken often in Central America to develop
      relationships with feminists and revolutionaries. 112 pages, $8.00

      Also available in Spanish 128 pages, $8.00

      Revolution, She Wrote
      by Clara Fraser
      Introduction by Joanna Russ
      Political reading doesn't get more enjoyable--or on point--than this!
      An encyclopedic yet personal exploration of the meaning of socialist
      feminism, the power of Marxist ideas, and the highs and lows of an
      activist life. Through columns, essays and speeches spanning 40
      years, Clara Fraser addresses diverse topics including women's
      leadership, the interconnections of racism and sexism, homophobia in
      the military, electoral politics, and her own and others' battles for
      job rights and free speech. Meet a woman revolutionary for all times!
      400 pages, $17.95

      Voices of Color
      Reports from the Front Lines of Resistance by Radicals of Color
      Edited and with an introduction by
      Yolanda Alaniz and Nellie Wong
      In this optimistic anthology, writer-activists explore their
      experiences as African Americans, Chicanas/os, Asian Pacific
      Americans, and Native Americans and provide fresh outlooks on issues
      ranging from personal identity and interracial solidarity, to the
      realities of confronting racism, sexism and homophobia at work and in
      the movements for social change. 160 pages, $12.95

      The Radical Women Manifesto
      An unrivaled guide to feminist activism and an authoritative
      introduction to Radical Women -- a multi-racial, queer and straight,
      workingclass socialist feminist organization, founded in 1967 and
      still as subversive as ever! This updated edition of a women's
      liberation classic is an exhilarating exploration of Marxist feminist
      theory and activism. It is a handbook for organizing, a history, and
      a resource for developing strategies on a wide range of issues. 96
      pages, $8.00

      Explore other offerings from Red Letter Press by visiting our
      website: www.RedLetterPress.org.
      You'll find something for every taste from radical poetry to
      political theory.

      Happy holidays and here's to a new year of hope and resistance!


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      with "Remove"
      in the subject line and we will take you off our list.

      Red Letter Press
      4710 University Way NE, #100
      Seattle, WA 98105
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