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Stop the Israeli invasion of Gaza!

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  • Glenn Kirkindall
    June 30, 2006 Stop the Israeli invasion of Gaza! On June 29, the Israeli Occupation Forces launched a massive attack on 1.25 million Palestinian inhabitants of
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      June 30, 2006

      Stop the Israeli invasion of Gaza!

      On June 29, the Israeli Occupation Forces launched a massive attack
      on 1.25 million Palestinian inhabitants of the besieged Gaza Strip.
      Artillery shells and warplanes destroyed the power plant in Gaza,
      blocked access to fuel, and demolished central roads. Leaders of
      Palestine's ruling Hamas Party have been taken hostage or forced from
      their homes in Jerusalem. The Israeli government is compelling the
      population to live without electricity, water, or the gasoline needed
      to power generators—in a desert climate!

      The Palestinian people have been under brutal, illegal occupation for
      almost 40 years. During that time they have struggled against their
      oppression through diplomatic, military, and grassroots means. But
      Israel, inspired by separatist, Zionist ideology, is continuing its
      ethnic cleansing and the Israeli military has escalated its assault
      upon the Palestinian people with renewed savagery.

      Nearly three dozen Palestinian children were killed in the first half
      of 2006 alone. Many other people, including pregnant women, were
      killed or wounded in recent months. The excuse for the current horror
      is the capture of a single Israeli soldier by a guerilla group.

      Currently, Israel holds nearly 9,000 Palestinians prisoner, all
      jailed, tortured, or held hostage. Since 1967, over 650,000
      Palestinians have been detained, amounting to 40% of the male
      population of the Palestinian territories. The Israeli government is
      in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, the Universal
      Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and
      Political Rights, and countless UN resolutions and other norms of
      international law.

      These atrocities take place with the explicit support of the U.S.
      government, which gives Israel billions of dollars a year, and
      protects the country from international criticism. The instruments of
      war that Israel is employing are U.S.-made: helicopters to murder
      people in crowded streets, warplanes to bomb villages, bulldozers to
      demolish homes and uproot olive trees—all are part of the aid package
      extended to Israel by Congress.

      By murdering increasing numbers of Palestinians, assassinating their
      leaders, destroying their homes and agricultural lands, starving
      them, and forcing families to leave their homes to find refuge
      elsewhere, the actions of the Israeli government show that its
      only "solution" to the conflict is the extermination or utter
      submission of the Palestinian people. The only real solution is the
      formation of a bi-national state of Arab and Jewish people, a
      socialist state that would remove itself from the war-driven
      economies of capitalism.

      We call on all forces that fight for justice around the world to
      support the brave Palestinian struggle against Israel's savage
      aggression. Please fax or email key government officials of Israel at
      the addresses below:

      Demand of the Israeli government:

      Immediately stop the attack on Gaza!

      Release funds held by Israel belonging to Palestine!
      End the blockade!
      Recognize the democratically-elected government of the Palestinian
      Resume the ability of Hamas leaders to reside in Jerusalem!
      Release the Palestinian leaders taken hostage after June 27!

      Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
      Fax: 02-670-5475
      Email: webmaster@...

      Defense Minister Amir Peretz
      Fax: 03-697-6218
      Email: pniot@...

      Foreign Minister Tzippy Livny
      Fax: 02-530-3506
      Email: sar@...

      The Knesset – Parliament
      Email: feedback@...

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