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Pote Family House Fire - need salvage help this weekend (April 19-21)

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  • suba_al_hadid
    I m not sure how many of you have heard, so if I am duplicating I apologize. Here s a summary from Efa: For those of you who ve heard, and those who haven t:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2013
      I'm not sure how many of you have heard, so if I am duplicating I apologize.

      Here's a summary from Efa:
      "For those of you who've heard, and those who haven't:

      Our house burned down at 5am Sunday. Everyone got out, except the kitties and pet mouse. Baron is in Chester Crozer burn center with 2nd degree on the soles of his feet. Bram is staying with a friend's family; Stephen, me and Bryn are with his mom.

      Updates to friends and family will be on FB for now, as I am locked out of my email account (for the techies, 2-factor auth stinks when you have no phone, backup codes, etc). As word gets out, please ask folks to friend me on here for updates.

      Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and offers of help. The outpouring of love and support has been the one bright spot, and we're all grateful. We will be in touch with what we need soon... just need a little time to figure out what that is.

      Give those you love a hug from us today. -Efa"

      Updates since then: Baron came home from the hospital last night (Wednesday).

      And here is her update today about the salvage effort:
      "Update: Fencing is up around the house. Today, the demolition company will be moving all the rubble off the foundation and open basement of the house, over to the long driveway. Tomorrow through Sunday, we will be sorting through looking for salvageable items. Monday, per the township, the lot must be cleared and basement boarded up.

      IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN HELPING ON SALVAGE CREW, PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA COMMENT TO THIS POST. There are rules to participate: you must not have any infection risk or chronic respiratory issues. You must wear long pants and sleeves and work boots. You must also wear neoprene or latex gloves, leather work gloves over those, face masks and eye protection. We have some of these items, although if you're coming and have your own, it will help. Thanks! -Efa"

      Information - updates, needs, requests for how-to, etc - is available on Facebook - you are invited to friend Shana Pote (Efa) for updates, or to join the Facebook group for updates: https://www.facebook.com/groups/238963479578777/

      Also, you can contact me (Suba) or Zhelana about donating. They have limited space right now, so cash or gift cards are the best option. They don't have a paypal set up yet that I know of, but I do have a shipping address if you want to send a check - they have state ID again and access to their bank again.

      As Efa says, hugs your loved ones today. You don't know, and can't predict, when you might lose them or have a near-miss like the Potes did.

      Yours in Service to the Dream,
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