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Re: [Serpentius_Militia] Dear Friends:

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  • Oscar Van Loveren 000724 recon
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    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 24, 2012
      All the best, always friends.


      > Dear Friends:
      > After much consideration, and private discussions with
      > both Omega and Roxane, Elizabeth and I have decided to
      > leave the household. This is *not* in response to
      > Omega's email, and does not reflect us taking sides in
      > the dispute with certain members of the sweatshop. As
      > many of you know, Elizabeth and I are members of several
      > households, and have yet other formal relationships
      > within the SCA. We never want to be in a position where
      > the fact of those relationships interfere with what we
      > value most, the friendships we have with members of this
      > household. We feel the best way to avoid this in the
      > future is to simply our relationships now. So we're
      > formally leaving the household, and always remaining your
      > friends.
      > I will remain in the Militia; there is no one that I
      > would rather fight beside.
      > A practical concern: I hold two household offices:
      > Communications and Law/Rule officer. I'd like to hand
      > these off before departing the list. The former office
      > involves informing household members of upcoming awards;
      > I have not had occasion to act in my capacity as L&R
      > officer, yet. I'm happy to discuss these positions with
      > anyone; otherwise I encourage those interested to speak
      > with Omega directly.
      > We will be dropping off the household list in a few days,
      > preferably when I know the offices have been taken. Of
      > course, we're not actually going anywhere, and we'll see
      > all of you soon.
      > Regards,
      > Antonio & Elizabeth

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