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Ladies of the Rose tourney at Pennsic

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  • duchessroxane@comcast.net
    You may or may not be aware that the EK LOR s sponsor a tourney every year at Pennsic. I am emailing for two purposes, first, I have never sponsored anyone for
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      You may or may not be aware that the EK LOR's sponsor a tourney every year at Pennsic. I am emailing for two purposes, first, I have never sponsored anyone for the tourney. I think it has always conflicted with one battle or another (and maybe doing so again-check the schedule). If you want to fight in it, let me know and I will sponsor someone. First come, first served basis. I can't stay for the tourney but I should be able to sign someone in.


      Second, Countess Svava is looking for volunteers to help out. Here is her email. Contact her directly if you wish to volunteer.


      From: lisa barolak <svava@...>

      > We are officially on the battlefield schedule for Pennsic
      > as a Ladies of the Rose tourney sponsored by the East
      > Kingdom Ladies of the Rose.   We have been
      > given  the time slot of 4-9 on Tuesday of war week for
      > the tournament including set up and break down.  My
      > plan is to start set up at
      >  4, have check in start at 4:30, and have the tourney begin
      > at 5. The battlefield coordinator has placed us near the EK
      > pavillion rather than in a traditional tourney list so that
      > we will have more shade (I would like to get offical
      > permission from her Majesty to use it).   I
      > am debating running an Atlantian Speed tourney, because the
      > tourney is so late in the day and I can manage a double elim
      > tourney without it taking 3 hours. (if anyone has thoughts
      > on this I would love to hear them)   I can
      > handle most of the tournament but I do need help, please let
      > me know if you can offer assistance in any of the below
      > categories:
      > Willing Volunteers:
      > I am in the process of finding Marshals, water bearers,
      > heralds, list runners, set up, and break down help, if you
      > have any suggestions of folks to help fill those rolls
      > please let me know.   I do have a MOL.
      > Invitations:
      > I am thinking about sending
      >  invitations to the tournament to all Queens and Princesses
      > but I don't have the time to look up all the addresses,
      > I am looking for a volunteer to help me out.  I might
      > be able to find the time to write a letter and make up cards
      > to send but would be happy to have help with that as
      > well. 
      > Food:
      > I need help with a refreshments/snack table.
      > Prizes:
      > I need help with a tournament prize and extra prize
      > categories as well as choosing recipients of the other
      > prizes.  Below are some examples of what has been given
      > in the past and new suggestions are always welcome.  I
      > will be making a prize for the most humorous fighter.
      > Best Dressed Fighter
      > Most Courteous Fighter
      > Most Chivalric Fighter
      > Best Death
      > Most Graceful Fighter
      > Most Romantic Fighter
      > Most Convincing Persona
      > Best Heraldic Display
      > Most Historically Accurate Armor
      > Please let me know if you are willing and or able to help
      > me
      >  out.


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