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Re: Journals

Yes, I'm in either way. Let me know if you catch up with Nadia and ST. Seren ________________________________ From: "seussscat@..."
Apr 1, 2012

Re: Journals

Having just looked at the members list it looks like some people have left the group including Nadia and Secret Terrabite who i know I have journals for. I
Mar 30, 2012

Re: Journals

Hello! Yes very much still out here and like you lots has happened and journals got lost from my mind. But back with a vengence. My address has changed too
Seuss's cat
Mar 25, 2012

Re: Journals

OMG! You are out there! I was thinking everyone had just given up...including me. So much has happen in the past 18 months.  I won't tell you about it now, I
Mar 24, 2012


Hi All I know it has been a long time since we all spoke and lots had probably happened including moving of houses etc. I feel out of journalling as lots
Mar 24, 2012

New Member

Hi Everyone, I couldn't be more excited to find a collaborative art journal group! I have a wonderful book on it, that has me psyched and ready to go!! I have
Jul 30, 2011

Journal Update

It's been a very, very long time, but I haven't forgotten about any of you! I still have Lauren book and I'm wondering where the others are and what people
Dec 5, 2010

FW: Blossoms & Thorns Exhibition

Hi, I¹m pleased to announce that I¹m one of the four photographers that will be part of this exhibition. I hope you¹ll be able to make it to the show, and
Sep 2, 2010
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Blog Post - Carnaval photos and stuff

Hi-- I posted to my blog today after a several month hiatus -- not since Valentine¹s day. So please check Œem out and let me know what you think of my
Jun 16, 2010

Valentine card and Flickr posts

Hi - Time again for one of my blog entries. I posted the image that I used for my Valentine¹s day card for Barbara. It was infatuation at first sight over
Feb 18, 2010

Re: Sorry About Being MIA!

hi seren, I hope it is nothing serious. take care of yourself. I have no journal at the moment. take care! ciao! Nadia artitude@...
Nadia Munarolo-Kurjata
Feb 8, 2010

Sorry About Being MIA!

I'm sorry that I have been unresponsive. I got sick over the holiday season...and ended up in the hospital having exploritory surgery. I will have more
Jan 31, 2010

New Year and Beats Without Borders

Hi-- This is a short note to let you know about my latest blog entry. http://www.fletcho.com/blog/ Barbara and I and a couple of friends made it out to Pt
Jan 11, 2010

Holiday Greetings

Have a great holiday and a very happy New Year. With hope for a more peaceful world, From Fletcher and Barbara, and Yulee the dog. -- Fletcher Oakes Barbara
Dec 24, 2009
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Re: journal set free

kewl! have a fabulous time seren! happy holidays to you and to all! ciao! Nadia artitude@... http://www.beyourselfcreateart.blogspot.com/
Nadia Munarolo-Kurjata
Dec 16, 2009
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