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Fwd: B&N Grading the "Favorite Teacher Contest" entries

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  • vonbargenr@aol.com
    You will recall that Esther Clark, Barnes & Noble Community Relations Manager at the Moorestown Store, asked our Senior Memoirs Group to participate in a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2012
      You will recall that Esther Clark, Barnes & Noble Community Relations Manager at the Moorestown Store, asked our Senior Memoirs Group to participate in a contest relating to school children and their teachers. It involves judging  papers submitted by students. Tom Hepler, "HIMSELF", agreed to coordinate the project. He has already taken papers and rated them.
      Per Tom's memo below, we think he is the only one to do this to date. Please try to participate in this rather easy endeavor. It means going to the B&N store and asking for Esther Clark or the person handling the teacher contest. They will give you the student entries to take home and rate. When finished, return the rated papers to the store. That's it!
      If you have questions regarding the program, please contact Tom at 856-866-1348 or TEH.HIMSELF@...
      The folks at Barnes & Noble have been our gracious hosts for thirteen years. If at all possible, please assist them by evaluating in their "Favorite Teacher Contest".
      I appreciate your help!

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      I returned the Teacher Contest material to the manager on duty at B&N, a
      young lady named Rosemary (maybe, Rose Mary). She was on-board with what
      we were doing. She was not aware that anyone else from the Memoirs Group
      had taken up arms, or not. We'll need to check with Esther when she returns.

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