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RE: [Seniormemoirs] Senior Memoirs- Update

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    Good Morning Elaine and Senior Memoirs, I have contacted Prism, our vendor for the calendars. They have adjusted your meeting time to begin at 10 AM. If you
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      Good Morning Elaine and Senior Memoirs,
           I have contacted Prism, our vendor for the calendars.  They have adjusted your meeting time to begin at 10 AM. 
           If you could please send me the topics for your meetings that will occur in 2009, ASAP, I would truly appreciate it.  I am doing the February calendar at this writing.  The submissions for the calendars are due 2 months in advance.
           I will then contact the Burlington County Times with that information and contact Gail Sweet at the Burlington County Library.
           The new year is approaching and I wish you all a happy and healthy new beginning.  See you in 2009!
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      Thanks Bob.  I will say I love the January topic. 

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      Date: Wednesday, December 3, 2008, 11:29 PM

      I stopped in at Barnes & Noble and discussed the Senior Memoirs group with Esther Clark, the new store public relations manager. I advised her that Zoe would be unable to continue as our moderator after this month. I gave her the information regarding the monthly notification to the Burlington County Times to announce the topic for our meeting. She will be placing this info with Gail Sweet at BCT who will put it into her column each month on the Sunday prior to our meeting.
      I asked Esther if the store would have any problem with extending our meeting to two hours ... Starting at 10:00 AM and concluding at Noon. She indicated that this would be acceptable as there were no conflicts regarding the meeting space. Therefore, I suggest that we start this with the meeting in January. I will send out notifications to the group after allowing time for member feed back.
      The topic for December 10th is: "Surprise"
      The topic for January 21st is: "What you do when you do nothing"
      I will contact Zoe and ask her for a topics for the first half of 2009. That should give us a good bank of topics. Zoe told me she would continue to provide topics for the group in the future. She certainly comes up with some good ones!
      Please let me know if you have any questions.

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