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Re: [Seniormemoirs] MONTHLY MEETING, 7/18/2007, 10:30 am

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  • Elaine Procida
    Dear Pete: This is a riot and I m sure you have given us a good idea of how to handle these pesty calls. Thanks so much for sharing. Smile, Elaine Pete Hunter
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 19, 2007
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      Dear Pete:
      This is a riot and I'm sure you have given us a good idea of how to handle these pesty calls.  Thanks so much for sharing.

      Pete Hunter <brokenpen99@...> wrote:
      Hi Elaine;
      Sorry to hear you're not well. I know a summer virus can knock you for a loop----they do me.
      There were a lot of very funny stories told today It's a shame you were unable to attend. I hope my little story will cheer you up. 
      First, I know you, like all of us, have been bugged by the relentless onslaught of Telemarketers. I used to get quite peeved having to interrupt whatever I was doing to answer the phone, but not anymore. I turned it into a game by pretending to be any type of loony character that popped into my head.
      In that vein, here's the result of just such a phone call I received the other day and the charactor I pretended to be---a senile, 80 year old man living by himself. I hope my attempt to transfer, phonicaly, spoken words into written words doesn't offend anyone.
      Title: ARE THEY COMING TO GET ME?          by Pete Hunter
      Riiiiiig, Riiiiiig, Riiiiiig.
      "OK!, I'm coming, I'm coming. Sheeez! Darn Phone."
       "Good moening Misah Hunnah. How ah you to-day?" The man on the other end of the line asked in a very pronnounced Asian accent, making it extreemely difficult for me to understand him.
      "Where are you calling from?"
      "You called me up from Atlanta, Georgia to see how I was doing? That's really very nice of you. But, who the heck are you and what do you want."
      "My name is Tikashita Mitsusaka and I am with Eath Yeink."
      "Whoa! Whoa! Hold on there fellow, your name is Tiki-shasty Miso-sakey and you're linked up with Earth. Are you calling from the planet Atlantis? You know everybody's been looking for that darn thing for years. Everybody here on Earth thought it was a city and sank into the ocean a long, long time ago. WOW! How about that? What'd you guys do, need a city so you beamed the whole thing up to your mother ship and toke it back to your planet, Atlantis? Hey if you're going to hang around Earth for awhile, you better get a green."
      "NO! NO! Misa Hunnah, do you have compu-teh?"
      "Yeah, I got one of those, but I can do much with it, it befluggels me. Every time I hit a button I mess it up. darn computers. It's driving me crazy. Just the other I ---."
      "Misa Hunnah, Misa Hunnah, I can make all you misa-takes go away." 
      "You want to take me away. Why, what did I do? I'm 80 years old, what would you want with an old buzzard like me? OH! I get it, on your planet 80 years old is still young, gotcha."
      "What did you just say, were you talking in Atanatisian like you do back on your planet?"
      "No Misa Hunnah, pease, pease, I want to offah you a package deah that give you 1,000 time moeh speed than you evva had. How bout it Misa Hunnah? Oney $9.95 eech month? You sign up to-day?"
      "Let me see if I got this straight, if I sign up with you today, We'll take the express to your planet and It will only cost me $9.95. That is a deal but I have a question, is that one way or round trip? I've got to know because I gotta be back by January the 13th; the kids are going to throw me a birthday party.""Misa Hunnah you don't---er-- -I am not---there is no---the $9.95 isn't for---EEEYYYAAAGGG! !!---*#Z(&/^v@<X!+%?>)*#\+&#%Z<O>=&*@~|X*. Ahem! Misa Hunnah, I have phone call I haffa make. Bye, bye."
      "There he goes again, talking in his mother tongue. He ought to brush up on his English though. It's not bad, I understood every word he said." 

      Elaine Procida <etpci527@yahoo. com> wrote:
      Hi Everyone:
      I hate to miss our monthly group but too sick to come today with a virus and eye infection.  Will look forward to reading the writings that are posted here.

      Seniormemoirs@ yahoogroups. com wrote:
      Reminder from: Seniormemoirs Yahoo! Group
      Date: Wednesday July 18, 2007
      Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
      Repeats: This event repeats every month on the third Wednesday.
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