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  • camiann2000
    Mar 17, 2005
      I rcd. this from the Brethren List that I belong to.

      Spelling of SEITZ if different, but maybe something someone would like
      to file away?

      Happy St. Patrick's Day!!


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      Subject: 1799 Petition from the German Baptists of Botetourt
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      1799 Petition from the German Baptists of Botetourt:

      There were 42 German Baptist Brethren of Botetourt County who signed a
      petition (written in German) in 1799 to the Virginia state government
      to be excused from serving muster with the militia. Those who signed
      named in Roger Sappington's THE BRETHREN IN THE NEW NATION, 1976, p.
      332. A
      corrected list of the names are in Richard R. Weber's STOVER BRETHREN,
      pp. 78-79. Weber also has the images of the original petition, pp.
      as well as an English translation (p. 604). The names on the petition
      as a who's who of the Brethren in Botetourt. Some of the surnames
      Harshbarger, Beckner, Graybill, Rinehart, Ammen, Stover, Houtz, Frantz,
      Kintzi, Noftzinger, Gish, Sollenberger, Snider, Neff, Myers, Britz,
      and Zigler.

      I have been able to figure out who most of those who signed were,
      where they
      lived in Botetourt, and how they related to one another, but there are
      a few
      names unfamiliar to me. The unfamiliar names are:

      Jacob Schiller (spelled Ritter in Sappington)
      Philib Simon
      Niclaus Sietz
      Micel Minnic
      Joseph Arnolt
      George Leaman
      Hannes Heiner

      Would like to hear from any Brethren lister who might be able to
      provide any
      information on one or more of these seven Brethren.


      Dwayne Wrightsman
      Lee, NH
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