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Re: [SeattleRobotics] Robomagellan rules question

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  • Tony Mactutis
    Sounds good Bob, thanks -
    Message 1 of 13 , Sep 5, 2013
      Sounds good Bob, thanks -

      On 9/5/2013 6:26 AM, Bob Cook wrote:

      Hi Tony,

      I'm the judge for this year's Robo-Magellan event, so I guess I get to decide these things.  :)

      In the past we've allowed removable GPS units to be walked around the course during the 30 minute preparation phase. I'm fine with your cellphone also being walked around the course for the same reason.

      The game is intended to be a display of autonomous robots roaming and navigating in an outdoor environment. The spirit of the rules is to NOT pre-record your robot's movements step by step, although it makes sense to use some sort of waypoint system and have the robot autonomously navigate between waypoints.

      Its really on the honor system for each contestant to keep with this intention (e.g. I'm not going to inspect your cellphone or source code for signs of cheating).

      - Bob Cook

      On 2013-09-04, at 8:30 PM, Tony Mactutis <tony@...> wrote:

      Question: if my controller is a cellphone, can I carry the phone over the course during the 30-minute prep period, or would that be considered a violation of "the actual robot will not be allowed on the course".

      If that is true (that carrying the phone would not be allowed), then that would seem to imply that I would need 2 cellphones to do what I have in mind -


    • dpa_io
      Exactly. more robots! best luck with your competition. dpa
      Message 2 of 13 , Sep 6, 2013
        Exactly. more robots! best luck with your competition.


        --- In SeattleRobotics@yahoogroups.com, Bob Cook <bob@...> wrote:
        > On 2013-09-05, at 8:26 AM, "dpa_io" <davida@...> wrote:
        > >
        > > Hey Randy, not to be dis'ing jBot, it needs no "pre-walk" to run a Robomagellan course! Just the target waypoints. It figures out everything else by itself.
        > Awesome, I wish you were coming to Robothon, your robot is a fantastic creation and the envy of many. There are a few others who can accomplish the same feat, but very few.
        > >
        > > However, from where I sit, "cheating" has not been so much a problem with RoboMagellan, as has been "participation." Over emphasis on the former seems to depress the later.
        > Completely agree. I'd rather bend the rules to encourage more participation than worry about the "legalese". We need more people building roving robots.
        > - Bob
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