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More Stuff added for Robotics Garage Sale

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    Hi PARTS & SRS, I sent the e-mail below earlier, but have now added a bunch of new things. I ve added two sets of heavy-duty wheelchair motors, a set of HD
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2011
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      Hi PARTS & SRS,
           I sent the e-mail below earlier, but have now added a bunch of new things.  I've added two sets of heavy-duty wheelchair motors, a set of HD motorized wheels that I used on a NASA Mars rover test bed when I worked for Rockwell.  I have added several boxes of about 50 total quality gearmotors (some planetary).  Also added, a box of PC board copper-clad blanks, some Vector board prototype board & numerous PC board supplies.  Another box of RF & audio amplifiers, coaxial RF items, a box of thousands of capacitors & trimmer caps, a box of heat sinks, and many other things.  I'm selling them in boxes,- not piece-meal. Allow me to transfer it to YOUR garage.
      Hi SRS & PARTS,
           I'm having a garage sale this Friday & Saturday, part of a city-wide Ridgefield garage sales weekend. However, I have a lot of robot parts, tools, metal and electronics that I'm selling or giving away. Included in the mix is a Newton Robot shell with head, 2 TOPO robots (minus Apple 2 receivers), a TOMY Hearoid robot, a Tektronix 475A 200 MHz 'scope, a DSI 50Hz - 512 MHz counter, a Fluke 610 LAN Cable Mapper, a classic Bird RF wattmeter with 10 plug-in elements, an HP 204B 5Hz - 500 KHz audio oscillator, a lab-quality ultrasonic cleaner, a classic Shop Smith with several extras to make a drill press, table saw, jig saw and sander, a Johnson automatic leveling laser level kit with 2 laser systems & tripod, 2 high-power Power Mate powrer supplies 0-30 VDC (1-10 Amp, 1-30 amp), a field electronic tool kit, some pro wireless mikes, an 18 drawer parts cabinet full of misc. electronic parts, a Craftsman compressor, 2- 250 watt 12VDC - 120 VAC inverters, and a lot of metal stock, threaded stock, hardware, tubing and many other things. I need to clear this stuff out and I'll use most of the money for teaching kids robotics and science- newer robot learning kits and books and a clean garage & happy wife.
           The city-wide sale begins at 9:00 and ends at 4:00 each day. I live in Ridgefield, WA just 14 miles north of Portland, so it's a bit of a drive south for you SRS people but it should be worthwhile.
      The address is: 1845 S. 15th Court, Ridgefield, WA 98642. Take exit 14 west about 2.5 miles on Pioneer and turn left after about a mile onto 9th St. / Hillhurst. It's about a mile to Taverner Ridge & Great Blue Drive (Right after the entrance to the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge- a great place to visit afterwards) Google map or GPS it for best results.
      Tom Carroll
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