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the walkingDude and bi-ped walking

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  • robotMaker
    If anyone is interested in bi-ped walking, I uploaded thirty something image files to an Image hosting website, and the walkingDude00_MustReadMe.html(converted
    Message 1 of 36 , Apr 9, 2010
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      If anyone is interested in bi-ped walking, I uploaded thirty something image files to an Image hosting website, and the walkingDude00_MustReadMe.html(converted from the text version), to the HBRC Google Groups website that explains the uploaded images. I also copied a couple of Image files from the thirty something image files to the HBRC Google Groups website. Read the walkingDude00_MustReadMe.html to view all the image files by just clicking on the links.

      The Image hosting website only accepts image files, but it was a good fit for this post. Unfortunately, the website does not accept video files, but when the time comes for the video files, a robotics website or YouTube will be a good place to post them, depending on how big the files will be.

      On the topic of bi-ped walking, whenever I ask anyone, "do we bend at the ankles when we walk?", I always get the same general answer, "of course, it's common knowledge that we bend at the ankles, or we couldn't walk". So I might be posting something that everybody already knows to be common knowledge.

      The walkingDude00_MustReadMe.html and a some image files are here:


    • David Buckley
      If we all did it the same way nothing would ever change! David ... From: robotMaker To: SeattleRobotics@yahoogroups.com Sent: Friday, April 16, 2010 5:58 PM
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        If we all did it the same way nothing would ever change!
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        Sent: Friday, April 16, 2010 5:58 PM
        Subject: Re: [SeattleRobotics] Re: the walkingDude and bi-ped walking


        Thanx David:

        I know exactly what you mean. As soon as I have something to show that looks like a bigDude, I will do so. If I had any doubts I would stop the trajectory that I'm in. I feel that it would be less time wasted if I use the walkingDude instead of the bigDude and I was wrong.

        --- On Fri, 4/16/10, David Buckley <david@davidbuckley. net> wrote:

        From: David Buckley <david@davidbuckley. net>
        Subject: Re: [SeattleRobotics] Re: the walkingDude and bi-ped walking
        To: SeattleRobotics@ yahoogroups. com
        Date: Friday, April 16, 2010, 10:04 AM

        Well my concern is that you will waste your time on something which won't work or may just work with a struggle. I have been known to be wrong. I was wrong once in 1989 when I said the Cardiff Biped wouldn't walk but I reckoned without Paul Channon, its creator.
        I would be very interested to see pictures of your big biped, even before it works. And I see why you were interested in the Shadow Biped.
        In general I think that providing the builder is honest, pictures of robots made that don't yet work or pictures of robots that didn't work together with the reason, are inspiring and informative.
        So many people seem to say they just moved onto something else, but it is not a reason its an excuse for not saying it didn't work. Whereas 'it didn't work because ....' can be really helpful.
        Too many robots are hyped beyond belief, M2 and from 1961 M7 are two which spring to mind.
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        Sent: Friday, April 16, 2010 4:46 AM
        Subject: Re: [SeattleRobotics] Re: the walkingDude and bi-ped walking


        I know exactly what you mean, I want to see what I want to see, and I'm aware of it, but if it's going to get results .... The walkingDude is part of a larger project, a full size humanoid, it's mostly finished, but it's easier to work with the the smaller Dude. The full size humanoid is articulated at the ankles, knees and hip joints. The joint connections are gimbaled jointed, sort of pseudo ball jointed. It can bend at the ankles and hip joints as humans do. Right now it can only stand, it's partly motorized at this time(for testing), but it does not need to be motorized to stand, like the walkingDude it can stand statically, without power. As soon as some meaningful results materialize with the bigDude then it will be time to share.

        Thanx again for your input

        --- On Thu, 4/15/10, David Buckley <david@davidbuckley. net> wrote:

        From: David Buckley <david@davidbuckley. net>
        Subject: Re: [SeattleRobotics] Re: the walkingDude and bi-ped walking
        To: SeattleRobotics@ yahoogroups. com
        Date: Thursday, April 15, 2010, 2:32 AM

        Well I suppose we see what we see. Good luck with the project and keep the videos coming.
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        Sent: Thursday, April 15, 2010 5:17 AM
        Subject: Re: [SeattleRobotics] Re: the walkingDude and bi-ped walking


        Finally a break from Windows Vista, Tax Preparation Software, and my taxes. This year Windows Vista is being a major ...., more than usual!

        Yes I did notice the images. I see this often with other subjects walking. They seem to bend at the ankle more as they walk faster than normal, as when trying to get away from the Paparrazi. Obviously people bend at the ankles, stepping on and off a curb, or when walking up or down a driveway, or going up and down stairs.
        The faster people walk, the more they bend at the ankles. When running, is when the ankles bend the most. I uploaded the full size pics of CameronDiaz to these locations:

        http://img144. imagevenue. com/img.php? image=02252_ walkingDude_ CameronDiazRow2p ic7_122_156lo. jpg
        http://img136. imagevenue. com/img.php? image=02259_ walkingDude_ CameronDiazRow2p ic9_122_103lo. jpg
        http://img245. imagevenue. com/img.php? image=02271_ walkingDude_ CameronDiazRow2p ic10_122_ 193lo.jpg
        http://img14. imagevenue. com/img.php? image=03191_ walkingDude_ CameronDiazFrien d_122_56lo. jpg

        I added one more, notice the friend with her, is not bending the ankle, since they're walking at a normal stride.

        That's why I stated in my conclusion at the end of the HTML document; "At this time, the conclusion is that people do not bend at the ankles when walking on level ground at a normal stride, but bend at the toes instead".
        I also added a short set of Charlize Theron walking at a normal stride, and the full siz e images. These and many others are basically the pictures that I used to commit to the design of the walkingDude for learning bi-ped walking. I built a bunch of models first, using cardboard, plastic, metal and basswood. Basswood is a very nice wood to work with, strong, friendly and easy to use, and cheap. Also when I decided on the final dimensions of the walkingDude, I matched the body (length of legs) to the servo strenth and speed. I used the basics of the inverted pendulum to estimate the basic time period when the Dude was falling forward. The basic pendulum timing stops when the trailing foot heel hits the ground. The basic time period speeds up by the trailing leg moving forward before the heel hits the ground. I took videos of a fixture of the Dude falling forward to get the timing, to make sure that the servos would be fast enough for the size of the legs. The inverted pendulum website only relates to the Dude at the first part of the page, the rest of the page fits more a wheeled balancing bot. I should have been more clear about that in the HTML document.

        http://img45. imagevenue. com/img.php? image=01265_ charlizeTheronWa lking_122_ 986lo.jpg
        http://img129. imagevenue. com/img.php? image=01267_ CharlizeTheronCa ndid1_122_ 544lo.jpg
        http://img178. imagevenue. com/img.php? image=01273_ CharlizeTheronCa ndid2_122_ 118lo.jpg
        http://img223. imagevenue. com/img.php? image=01280_ CharlizeTheronCa ndid3_122_ 1198lo.jpg
        http://img208. imagevenue. com/img.php? image=01289_ CharlizeTheronCa ndid4_122_ 361lo.jpg
        http://img5. imagevenue. com/img.php? image=01296_ CharlizeTheronCa ndid5_122_ 229lo.jpg
        http://img150. imagevenue. com/img.php? image=01455_ CharlizeTheronCa ndid6_122_ 524lo.jpg
        http://img105. imagevenue. com/img.php? image=01467_ CharlizeTheronCa ndid7_122_ 23lo.jpg
        http://img132. imagevenue.< wbr>com/img.php? image=01475_ CharlizeTheronRu nning_122_ 350lo.jpg

        Thanx for your valuable input.

        --- On Sun, 4/11/10, oric_dan <oric_dan@yahoo. com> wrote:

        From: oric_dan <oric_dan@yahoo. com>
        Subject: [SeattleRobotics] Re: the walkingDude and bi-ped walking
        To: SeattleRobotics@ yahoogroups. com
        Date: Sunday, April 11, 2010, 8:28 PM

        --- In SeattleRobotics@ yahoogroups. com, robotMaker <robotmeiker@ ...> wrote:

        > I also mentioned that the pictures are just some of thousands of pics that can found on the web of walking celebrities taken by the paparazzi. I could not post too many since then it would be impractical. I posted a few, such CameronD iaz walking, many pics combined into one picture. I don't understand why the paparazzi have to take so many pics of a celebrity when they're walking, they'll take about 20 pics just for one step. For me this is good, since I can see the fine details of walking, that we don't bend at the ankles when we walk, just the toes.

        Actually, this is not really correct. The most important
        picture of CD is #7 on row 2.

        http://img20. imagevenue. com/img.php? image\
        =72504_walkingDude2 0_CameronDiazToG ym_122_173lo. jpg

        There you can see that her feet are perfectly flat,
        and her right ankle is bent forward about 15-20 deg
        while her left ankle is bent backwards by the same

        Then compare image #7 to #9 and #10, and you can see
        the entire seguence of ankle bends during a complete
        step. Both ankles are at right-angle in #9 only,
        during the transition between steps.

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