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Re: [SeattleRobotics] I want to do a Programming in C#

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  • Nate W
    C# is available for all flavors of Windows CE (including PocketPC, Smartphone, etc) in what s knows at the .Net Compact Framework. Most PDAs and Phones baring
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 1, 2006
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      C# is available for all flavors of Windows CE (including PocketPC,
      Smartphone, etc) in what's knows at the .Net Compact Framework. Most PDAs
      and Phones baring signs CE inside probablyhave it installed or can have it
      installed vai download.

      Some friends and I are working on getting Windows CE onto Gumstix, which I
      think will be a great platform for robotics (at least, for the shoe-box size
      range that I find most interesting). I can't prediced a release date for
      our little effort, but I think I can predict that we will be able to offer
      flashable images for use with Gumstix, for non-commercial user. (And for
      commercial use, though such requests will have to be routed to the right
      people (but I think I know who those people are, so it shouldn't be too

      There is an existing CE-on Gumstix project at www.gotdotnet.com (sorry, I
      don't have the link handy) but that contains only OS code, you'll need the
      Windows CE Plastform Builder to create a bootable image. Platform Builder
      is presently available under two licesenses: one cost about $1k, the other
      time-bombs after about 120 days. Neither of those are especially appealing
      to hobbyists, if course. I can't predict whether will change, but I can say
      that I'm periodically nagging people about it. It's my understanding that
      the licensing for the run-time images does allow non-commercial use, but I
      haven't yet seen that in writing. But if true, should be able to create a
      filesystem image pretty quickly.

      FWIW, I work at MS, but my day job is in Exchange (which, incidentally, has
      tones of C# in it now - it looks like C# will be squeezing out most of the
      remaining C++ code over the next few years), and I just do this stuff on the
      occasional weeknight. I can't say anything authoritative about CE or
      related stuff. If I do so, it is only by mistake. :-)

      In the near term, it might be helpful to connectyour sensors and actuators
      up to a regular PC and start coding around those, with the assumption that
      you can port everything later (with a bit of work) to the CE device.

      On 8/31/06, michael taylor <mctylr@...> wrote:
      > On 8/31/06, surajki_kiran1 <surajki_kiran1@...<surajki_kiran1%40yahoo.co.in>>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > learning C#. i want your help for some applications in C#.for
      > > robotics and some more system level porgramming.
      > To the best of my (limited) knowledge, C# (C-sharp) development
      > environments are not available for smaller microprocessors typically
      > found in embedded environments. I don't know if C# is even available
      > for Microsoft's PocketPC or WindowsCE or whatever it is current
      > called. C# is not normally used for system level programming, which is
      > often still C or assembly.

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