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Re: [SeattleRobotics] Alright Already - RoboMagellan

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  • Mr S
    I didn t compete this year, might not be able to compete next year in the robo-magellan event, but it seems to me that if there is a 50 lb weight limit, that
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 30, 2004
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      I didn't compete this year, might not be able to
      compete next year in the robo-magellan event, but it
      seems to me that if there is a 50 lb weight limit,
      that is one of the design rules. Every system engineer
      should know that there are design limits and
      compromises, and they must maintain a design that
      meets those requirements. Changing the requirements to
      meet the specs of the parts you want to use is just
      wrong. That is NOT how design engineering is supposed
      to work unless there is NO POSSIBLE manner to get
      around those parts. Its been proven that robots under
      50 lbs can compete, so there is no need to change the
      design requirements to match parts available. That's
      just wrong. It is called a contest for a reason. I
      think that everyone who wants to change the rules
      should work harder on their designs, so that they are
      better able to compete within the rules of the

      Football and baseball have their rules etc. ... you
      don't change the rules without good reason. I would
      like to see more people participating in the spirit of
      the event instead of trying to change the event to
      match their ability and parts list.

      Just my tuppence worth


      --- Doug Kelley <yahoo@...> wrote:

      > Good question!
      > The Robothon comittee is working on the rules on a
      > different
      > YahooGroup. There will be some changes including
      > how to score a robot
      > if it doesn't complete the course and guidelines for
      > setting up a
      > course. We've decided the 50 pound limit will not
      > change nor will the
      > course distance (300 feet). The SRS-provided kill
      > switch will go away.
      > However, make sure your robot can fit inside a 4' x
      > 4' x 4' cube for the
      > duration of the contest. This may be in the new
      > rules revision but it's
      > not final. Other changes are not significant.
      > Why did we keep the 50 pound limit?
      > - We've proven 50 pounds is enough weight. In fact
      > 15 pounds is proven
      > to be sufficient.
      > - A 100 pound robot can handle much more difficult
      > terrain than a 50
      > pound bot and that would give current robots a
      > disadvantage as well as
      > turn the contest into more of an obstacle clearing
      > contest than a
      > navigation contest.
      > - A 50 pound robot is safer.
      > - A 50 pound robot is easier to transport and less
      > likely to damage the
      > terrain (plants, grass, etc.)
      > The only arguments we got FOR uping the limit are:
      > - Some people already have robots they want to use
      > - Some people feel they could build a better robot
      > with a higher weight
      > restriction.
      > The arguments for keeping the limit to 50 pounds
      > clearly outweight the
      > arguments for raising it. Besides, from what we see
      > at FIRST, no matter
      > what we raise it to, someone will want the limit to
      > be 10 pounds more!
      > I have the "to do" to get a draft of the new rules
      > to the committee for
      > review this weekend. I hope the new rules will be
      > published next week.
      > Doug
      > ajcollins99 wrote:
      > >Alright --
      > >
      > >Regarding the rules for the next RoboMagellan
      > contests, have the
      > >parameters been decided upon already or what is
      > going to be the
      > >process for doing so?
      > >
      > >I would really like to start building a robot for
      > the next contest,
      > >but am unsure of which direction to go -- mainly
      > because of the
      > >weight issue. For instance, the wheels I want to
      > use for my entry
      > >weigh 7.5 pounds together (just the wheels), but if
      > we are going to
      > >stick to the 50 lb weight limit, this will effect
      > my decision on
      > >whether to use them or not.
      > >
      > >A suggestion -- robots between 50 and 100 pounds
      > have a visible and
      > >audio warning beacon affixed to them as well as two
      > kill switches,
      > >one remote and one on the topmost part of the robot
      > body. Make 100
      > >pounds the ultimate weight limit and/or limit the
      > speed or travel
      > >progressivly as the robots get heavier. I agree
      > with several other
      > >people's arguments both ways on the weight issue,
      > it IS possible to
      > >do it with 50 or fewer pounds, but the 50 pound
      > constraint really
      > >limits some of the brilliant machinists in our
      > group as well.
      > >
      > >So, what is the process going to be to finalize
      > these rules? Have a
      > >vote at the next meeting?
      > >
      > >Just curious so we can all start building....
      > >
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