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Evolution Robotics

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  • Kevin Ross
    Though this is a press release/marketing material, I thought you might be interested in this. It is a robot platform that Doug Kelley and I were involved with.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2002
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      Though this is a press release/marketing material, I thought you might be
      interested in this. It is a robot platform that Doug Kelley and I were
      involved with. They were showing their stuff at the last robothon.

      To their credit, these folks have been trying real hard to get a robotics
      platform out that has a lot of functionality without costing many thousands
      of dollars.



      For Immediate Release

      Fiona McClelland
      Connors Communications
      Tel: 212.798.1406
      E-mail: fiona@...

      The Evolution Robotics™ ER1™ Robot Rolls Into Retail

      >From Fry’s to FAO Schwarz, from J&R to Amazon, leading retailers are now
      the world’s first personal robot system designed for the home and workplace

      Check out The ER1 Demo Days at Select Retail Locations Nationwide

      Pasadena, CA -– October 1, 2002 – The vision of a robot in every home came
      one step closer to reality today as Evolution Robotics™ Inc. announced the
      retail launch of the Evolution Robotics ER1™, a personal robot system
      designed for the home and workplace. Consumer technology enthusiasts can
      purchase the ER1 in time for the holiday season from a mix of popular
      consumer electronic retail outlets including Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), Fry’s
      Electronics, select FAO Schwarz stores, J&R Computer World, TigerDirect,
      Insight, as well as through Evolution Robotics web site, www.evolution.com.
      Customers are invited to check out the ER1 at one of over 200 demonstration
      days being hosted by stores across the country over the next two months.
      Find the nearest demo days location at www.evolution.com.

      Evolution Robotics carefully selected retail partners who share Evolution
      Robotics vision as well as cater to a market of hobbyists and early adopters
      who will ultimately help drive the use of personal robotics in everyday
      life. “We look for consumer products that will have a lot of traction in
      the marketplace. Particularly in the months leading up to the holiday
      season, we need to put products on our shelves that will be big winners.
      When we saw what ER1 could be trained to do we felt it was an important and
      exciting item we wanted to showcase and sell to our customers,” commented
      Carl Fiorentino, President, TigerDirect.com.

      Available in two configurations, the Evolution Robotics ER1 can be purchased
      unassembled for $599 MSRP, or assembled for $699 MSRP. Using the owner’s
      Windows laptop, the ER1 allows users to create their own personal robots and
      easily train them to perform a variety of tasks ranging from taking pictures
      of the family and automatically emailing them to friends, playing music on
      command, reading a bedtime story to the children, capturing video of the
      home or children for security purposes, setting daily reminders for its
      owner and, using additional accessories that will be available in the coming
      months, holding, delivering and/or receiving packages and objects.

      “Now that the ER1 is out in the retail market, we believe consumers are
      going to be very impressed with a powerful yet affordable product that
      brings robotics into their day-to-day lives,” commented Bill Gross, Founder
      and Executive Chairman of Evolution Robotics. “With its remarkable
      performance and capabilities, our personal robot will show consumers how it
      can carry out tasks and ultimately become an indispensable tool for every

      Following the introduction of the ER1 in May 2002, Evolution Robotics set up
      a beta program with more than 50 developers and consumers to test early
      versions of the ER1 personal robot system. "It took me much less time to
      assemble the ER1 than any other robot I have purchased as a kit," said James
      C. Deen, an ER1 beta customer. "With the ER1, as soon as I loaded up the
      software on my laptop, plugged in the camera and Robot Control Module using
      the fool-proof USB connections, I had it moving about and accurately
      recognizing my fish tank, office door, several different magazine covers,
      and even myself in about 30 minutes. The ER1 is sophisticated enough to
      capture the devotion of any level of robotics hobbyist or student, yet
      simple enough to pique the interest of the average consumer."

      A technological breakthrough in the personal robot market, the ER1 is only
      the first in a line of autonomous personal robot products that Evolution
      Robotics will bring to market. Accessories for the ER1 will also be
      released by the end of the year, including a gripper arm that can grab and
      move objects. The gripper arm's design provides easy operation and useful
      functionality and can be attached anywhere on the ER1 using flexible
      attachment options. Other accessories include a second power module for
      extended use, an infrared sensor pack to help the ER1 navigate around an
      area using “object presence” and a robot expansion pack that contains
      additional beams, connectors, and wheels to allow an owner to customize or
      tailor make the ultimate ER1 robot or robot accessory.

      Bernard Louvat, CEO of Evolution Robotics added “This is a big step in our
      overall company vision. Once manufacturers see the power and potential of
      our technology we hope they will work with us and license our technology
      platform for their own new and existing products.”

      Evolution Robotics has plans to begin shipping and selling the ER1
      internationally in early 2003. The company will also be exhibiting at CES,
      Las Vegas in January 2003, where it will be demonstrating its line of
      personal robot products and software technologies. More information on
      Evolution Robotics and the ER1 can be found at www.evolution.com.
      About Evolution Robotics

      Evolution Robotics™, www.evolution.com, provides and manufactures
      technologies and personal robot products for the home and workplace,
      targeting both businesses and consumers directly. Based in Pasadena,
      California and founded in March 2001, Evolution Robotics has developed the
      Evolution Robotics Software Platform™, a proprietary, open, modular,
      portable, hardware-independent and scalable software architecture.
      Following the company’s launch in February 2002, Evolution Robotics licenses
      its robotics technologies, including the Evolution Robotics Software
      Platform, to OEMs to help bring new personal robot products to market. The
      company’s current consumer product, the ER1™, was introduced in May 2002 and
      is the first-ever personal robot that can be trained to perform useful
      functions. The ER1, which hit the retail market in October 2002, is
      available online and through a mix of consumer electronic retail stores,
      catalogers, and online merchants. Evolution Robotics mission is to
      accelerate the personal robot industry and help spur the creation of a
      variety of functional personal robot products that will become indispensable
      in our daily lives, at work and home.

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