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Re: [SeattleRobotics] Done in EasyTrax. Now what?

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  • Randy Carter
    There is program called GCPreview available from APCircuits (http://www.apcircuits.com). This company makes prototype PCB s from electronic files sent to them
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2000
      There is program called GCPreview available from APCircuits
      (http://www.apcircuits.com). This company makes prototype PCB's
      from electronic files sent to them by FTP over the internet. You
      first must verify that your hole sizes match their drill
      schedule. If they don't they charge extra.

      APCircuits has an information packet that can be downloaded and
      unzipped with specific instructions on how to prepare you order.
      Basically you make your gerber files, NC drill and size files.
      Then fill out the order form file and then using pkzip compress
      all of the files into single file to be sent.

      All of the processing on APCircuits end is automated and they
      charge extra if any manual intervention is required. The best
      way to pay for their services is via credit card. Your card
      company automatically does the U.S. to Canadian dollar
      conversions and is a hell of a lot easier than dealing with
      international money orders.

      macmen@... wrote:
      > I have completed the design of a PCB in EasyTrax and don't
      > know what to do next. The PCB is double-sided, 3" x 9" with 794
      > holes.
      > I have modified the standard.apt aperture file and standard.elt
      > tool file and output Gerber files for both sides as well as an NC
      > Drill file.
      > I'd like to view the resulting files in something to confirm that,
      > when sent to a prototype board manufacturer, I will get back
      > something I can recognize.
      > I've tried GerbView, Gerber View, CAMCAD and ViewMate.
      > ViewMate v6.3.2, a free program from Lavenir Technology, was
      > the most successful at displaying the Gerber files but I couldn't
      > get the NC Drill file to display.
      > So my question is, now what? Is there a program out there that
      > is well suited for viewing, and perhaps tweaking, the files I will
      > need to send to the manufacturer?
      > Any recommendations would be appreciated.
      > Greg Schumacher
      > macmen@...
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