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9781Re: New PIC: 16F628 - 16F84 killer?

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  • pjc309430
    Jan 1, 2002

      As I'm sure quite a few of you have used this, so have I, and it is
      what they claim.

      I am not programming much in assembly anymore, so for simple projects
      I cheat and use PicBasic Pro (PBP) with the '628.

      The chip is readily available from everywhere, and useful features
      like true multitasking make it great, even with PBP.

      I switched from the '84 in one day, and wondered how I got by with
      the '84.

      Have a nice afternoon,

      > Is this chip really available ? IMHO the main problem with new
      > PICs is their availability.
      > I was waiting for more than 2 years for chips like 16F87x and in the
      > meantime, I started to use Atmel AVRs.
      > PICs are good uControllers, but if you can't buy them, you cannot
      use them :-)
      > Happy New Year
      > PavelK
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