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9060way beyond a newbie....

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  • dragnfyr
    Nov 1, 2001
      I joined this list in hopes of learning some robotics, and I believe that
      I will, however I am way below most of you on the robotics scale it
      appears... Are there web sites and/or other groups like this where I can
      learn the basics of robotics? The mechanics I understand, but how to
      integrate that with the electronics and its coding have me at a loss.

      To the gentleman (or lady) who was trying to figure out how to mount a
      bearing, THAT I know the answer to assuming you have access to a drill press
      or drill. I can suggest two fairly easy ways of mounting a bearing if it has
      an inner and outer race. The first way is to simply sandwich the bearing
      between two pieces of metal bolted together around the flat sides of the
      bearing with a hole thru each side for the shaft and inner race clearance.
      The second is two use two plates and the frame of the bot, all three
      drilled for the bolts to hold them together, the outer and the frame also
      have the hole for the shaft and inner race, the center plate is the
      thickness of the bearing and has a hole the size of the bearing drilled in
      it so that the outer race fits inside it snuggly. Either way is doable by
      someone who understands the mechanics of a bearing, or can be machined for
      just the right appearance if you are also going for looks. Hope this was
      of some help

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