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8213RE: [SeattleRobotics] Tektronix 466 or 468

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  • Bob Dyer
    Sep 1, 2001

      I've got a 466, and I like it. The storage feature is great for seeing
      intermittent, short duration pulses - kind of a poor man's DSO for that
      task. I've used this "style" of scope for years. The delayed timing
      features, and the ability to expand a portion of the trace have also proved
      valuable. My only current complaint has been finding the right probes,
      though I haven't spent much time looking.

      If you've got specific questions, let me know. Don't know anything about the
      76x3 series so I can't help you compare.


      Consider Carefully... Act Boldly!

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      From: Doug Leppard [mailto:Doug.Leppard@...]

      Any one familiar with Tektronix 466 or 468 scopes? I am looking at
      these and the Tektronix 76x3 series.

      I know they are 100mhz dual channel storage scopes. Do you recommend
      them for hobby etc? How do they compare with the 76x3 series.
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